My Dream comes True - I am in Nov Female magazine!

am in page 204, Female mag Nov edition!

2 months ago, Wan Lee a freelance writer with female magazine email and asked me if I am interested to be featured in their November 2010. I jumped in joy and say YES! Although I have the first interview with Oriental Daily a while ago in August, but to be featured in Female Magazine is totally every woman dream! I do not think I am that famous or have like really huge stash of beauty products like some of you here, but this time around I am just lucky to be selected!

So when the days come (approximately 2 months ago) my lovely sister and I put everything (yes everything) in a super XXL luggage bag and dragged it into the cab and brought the the shooting location to show the Female Mag team. Gosh, the luggage bag was so heavy.. I was so scare to be robbed half way... and I reaslise something, if there is fire in my house, I think I need a trolley to save all my beauty collection!

So when I reach there, there are 6 others girls there.. so I waited my turn.. do my makeup and photo shoot.. although waited for a while. The short waiting period make me felt like I have waited for hours, I am very anxious as this is first time going for official photo shoot , all the arrangement looked so professional. After few hundred photos being snapped, finally the photographer and editor said okay... they got the right picture of me.. Now I know how hard is it to be model.. and for the photographer to get the right shoot.. as everything in the picture matters!

So here is it, I am very honour to be selected to be interviewed in Female Magazine to show my skincare stash, thank you Female for this opportunity! However I am not going to tell you what is my interview about.. you gotta buy the Female Magazine November edition to find out more ! And the magazine itself has so much interesting and new beauty & fashion tips to share! Check it out!

I believe in miracle, never thought I will come so far :)

Thank you all my family, friends and readers ( and of course Female Magazine) because you make my dream comes true!

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