Coach Signature Perfume

What do you relate to when you heard the name Coach ?

Handbags or cockroach?

Today Coach launched their first fragrance which embodies the many personalities of the Coach woman…timeless, chic and sophisticated.

The scent was described as classically inspired with a unique blend of soft florals. The topnote sparkles with tart green mandarin, guava, lush violet petals and giant waterlily. Its complex scent melds honey, orange flower, mimosa and a touch of jasmine. To further enhance the floral signature, the drydown adds a luxurious finish with smooth and supple sandalwood and amber-wood. The result is a beautifully blended fragrance that represents modern beauty, elegance and charm.

And the fragrance bottle is truly unique, featuring Coach’s signature design and lozenge that completes the whole look.

Signature EDP 50ml RM 290

Signature EDT 50ml RM 245

For the first time I sniff it, I am quite surprise how pleasant the fresh fruity & floral smell it is! Very relaxing and not too over whelming.... And you gotta go and try this out!!!

In addition to this Coach also launched purse spray, body lotion and lip gloss complete this collection.
Signature Body Lotion 150ml RM 180
Signature Lipglosses RM 85 per piece (Orchid, Peony, Freesia)

Coach Signature Perfume is available at all Coach's store since Oct 2010.

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