Belly at Large: Black Friday!

Hello, people!

Oh boy, this is embarrassing! But hey, when there's an elephant in the room, you need to address it. Am I right? Anywayzzz, I'd prefer you to hear this from me first, before you read it somewhere else and think I'm some sort of male kitty Lindsay Lohan, who by the way, was great in "Mean Girls."

Okay, here we go:

And here's a photo from the "crime scene":
Do you know what it feels like for a cat...during Thanksgiving?
Oh yeah, I passed out cold. Those pieces of turkey breast were yummylicious! Not dried, not over-seasoned. Muy juicy, btw. Me likey. But I guess I had too many pieces above my limit. For the record, it was worth it. Being sedated over turkey is a lot better than doing some cat nips. Both of them make me sleepy but at least I'm full and sleepy when I eat turkey.

Also, since today is Black Friday and all, I would like to do a little bit of plugging for la mamarazzi's little Etsy store on the prairie. Yup, Formula D Minerals has two gift sets for you to indulge. And you know what is the most wonderful thing about this?

Until the end of the month, when you buy a set, la mamarazzi and I will throw in a free eyeshadow for you. How rad is that? Also, the sets are below $20, which is so affordable since the products are all hand-crafted with love and all.

Belle of the Ball makeup set ($18.50 USD)
This set contains Belle and Isis eyeshadows, Radiance blush, and FDM's best-selling product ever, The Ultimate Powder. When you do the math, it's like you get an eyeshadow for free. And if you order some time this month, with this price, it's like you get two free eye shadows. On top of that, everything arrives already gift-wrapped and ready for you to give to your loved one (or yourself!) La mamarazzi and I will even throw in a gift tag for your convenience.
Pretty in Pink trio ($16 USD)
This trio is pretty and cute and girly. It contains It Girl eyeshadow, Flushed blush and the famous The Ultimate Powder as well. All of the products in both sets are in full sizes. Again, this set also comes gift-wrapped ready.

Also, two jars of The Ultimate Powder is available for now. Please get some before they disappear again.

Last but not least: why should you buy stuff from Formula D Minerals?

Because you love me! Come on, don't you love Belly? Seriously, a big chunk of the sales money goes to feeding me and paying for my salary. I don't come cheap, people! I prefer my chicken a certain way (white meat only,) and that costs money. I also prefer to be entertained and groomed and washed and etc and etc in a certain manner that costs mucho dinero. I'm not kidding, ok?

Besides, these are some good stuff and la mamarazzi's mad photography skillz has improved. So please support her. By doing so, you also support me.

Love, peace, and tuna fish,

Mr. Belly

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