Back to Snow!!

Firstly thanks so much to all my followers and all the lovely messages asking if id had a nice holiday! Well yes it was brill but i must admit i rather missed my shop, how sads that!!
A big thanks to all my customers from Germany, i know allot of you brought from me for the first time before i went away, and there was some confusion about my shop being closed, so thanks for your patience and understanding.
I did not reply to my messages until monday as there was just so many and my lad wanted to a build snowmen and put the Christmas decorations up!
I did go straight on to read messages on my return at 2.30 in the morning but it would not have been fair just to answer a few and then leave the rest until Monday so i thought its best to do them all the same day.
I will leave it there now as ive got so much posting to do and its snowing quite heavily now and im worried i may have to collect my son from school.
I will write again soon with details of any new arrivals, thanks

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