Review: Cougar Boots

I was given the opportunity to try and review the latest products for Cougar Shoes. I was asked to fill out a survey to choose the boots I wanted to review. The kit I received included items to keep me warm this winter:
  • pair of Cougar Ringo Star Black Patent winter boots
  • pair of Cougar Tibet Black rain boots
  • Cougar branded hooded sweatshirt
  • Cougar mug
  • 4 Cougar hot chocolate packages

Cougar Shoes is a Canadian company so they understand the harsh Canadian weather like no other and make boots designed to keep us warm, dry and always in style. Did you know they have been around since 1948?

Approx. price: $75 Cdn/Usd
Material: rubber
Lining: polar fleece lining
Temperature rating: 0°C to -24°C / 32°F to -11°F
Available color: black and red
Waterproof guarantee: six months

 I generally wear a size 7 - 7 ½, but 7 ½ wasn't available so I figured ou a 7 should fit, and it did perfectly!

 The sock collar is a really interesting detail that you wouldn't typical expect on a rain boot, but it makes the boots looks so unique! I also like that you can pull it up along your leg or fold it in the boot for an extra protection against the cold. However, I'm afraid it would get wet very easily.

I love that the boots are lined with polar fleece, it keeps the feet warm and it makes the boots more comfortable (I've never been a fan of rain boots as the rubber always left my feet aching from the friction).

  • sock collar is an interesting and original detail
  • sock collar can be pulled up or fold in the boot
  • polar fleece lining
  • thick and comfy soles
  • guaranteed waterproof

  • low cut
  • sock collar is not waterproof

What I think:
I wasn't expecting rain boots to be lined, but I really appreciate that, as it keeps the feet warm and it makes the boots more comfortable (as mentionned above). As much as I love the look of those rain boots, I keep thinking that the low cut makes it not very convenient because well, when it rains, it doesn't rain only on your feet! Not to mention the sock collar, which is not waterproof (of course).

Recommend? yes

Rating: ★★★

Approx. price: $200 Cdn/ $180 Usd
Material: nylon/patent
Lining: polar plush lining
Temperature rating: -10°C to -30°C / 14°F to -22°F
Available color: black
Waterproof guarantee: six months

I've never been a fan of faux-fur, but I'm getting used to it. However, I do love the lace up in the front, and even more, the fact that you can slip your foot right in without having to adjust the lace everytime.

The polar plus lining makes the boots so soft, warm and comfortable!

I'm not afraid to walk on ice anymore with those grips!

 Another cool thing? You can pull up the faux-fur collar to make the boots knee high.

  • very warm 
  • very lightweight for winter boots
  • faux-sur collar can be pulled up
  • polar plush lining
  • very good grips
  • thick and comfy soles
  • guaranteed waterproof 

  • none!

What I think:
I have absolutely nothing bad to say about those boots! It maybe a little too early to tell as I didn't get a chance to properly test those boots in the snow, but I may have finally found the perfect winter boots. I love everything about them. They are lightweight (I wasn't expecting that from the look of the boots), very warm (me feet were sweating when I tried them in the house!), very comfortable, and the grips are awesome.

Recommend? yes

Rating: ★★★

Find the closest Cougar Boots retail here.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not  affiliated with this company and the fact that the product was free absolutely does not influence my opinion.

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