A visit to Baviphat in Pavilion

Have you been to Parkson Pavilion recently? If you have been to the cosmetic & fragrance floor, I am sure you have seen this colorful & cute packaging in the Baviphat counter! The counter just located next to Smashbox in Parksons, Pavilion KL.

Recently , when I was invited by the CEO of Baviphat to have a product testing session, I am thrilled !

One must be thinking their products must be really expensive right.? The answer to this NO, Baviphat products are really affordable as it ranges from RM10.90 to RM110.

The big picture of Beyonce caught my attention!

She is one of the spokeperson for Baviphat! She looks smoking hot in the picture!

Baviphat is also endorsed by F.T. Island (Korean: 에프티 아일랜드), Five Treasure Island, or FTI, is a famous five member South Korean band. The name F.T. Island stands for 'Five Treasure Island ( info from wikipedia) .

This is Ms. Fiona Kim the CEO of Baviphat which I met in the product testing session. Although she is a Korean , but she speaks fluent English. She shared that Baviphat is an inexpensive Korean cosmetics for skincare and makeup that has been in the Korea for about 2 years.

Baviphat uses natural ingredients like fruits and fermented organic grains. It's suitable for a wide age range from those who are in their 20's to their 40's. Baviphat takes care of the skin using antioxidant agent which is made from fruit extracts and fermented grains to keep skin soft and healthy. Especially good for pore care, whitening care and problem skin. (quoted from online press released)

The cute fruity packaging skincare~

I think my mum would like to have all the above to display in her cabinet kitchen ~

The colorful packaging skincare

This packaging will be especially appealing to teenage girls.. because packaging is so girlish and colorful!

Korean started the concept of sleeping mask... so Baviphat also have their version of their own!

On the left is Baviphat Goodnight EGF Anti Wrinkle Sleeping and right is Goodbye night Brightening Sleeping Mask~

The four eye creams that are available in Baviphat

Dark Circle Eraser Eye Cream - RM49.90 / 30ml
contains broccoli extracts and carrot extracts to reduce swelling and dark circles while tightening the skin

Magic Eye Solution - RM69.90 /30ml
contains arbutin which diminishes dark circles and brightens the eye area.

Good Morning Eye Serum - RM49.90 / 30ml
consists gingko extracts and green tea extracts to tighten and remove swelling in the eye area

Whitening&Anti-Wrinkle Eye Filler - RM85.90 /15ml
contains arbutin and adenosine to not only tighten the eye area but also to manage swelling and minimize the formation of dark circles

Different types of nose patch to cater for different needs of user

Charcoal Pore Tightening Nose Patch (RM29.90)
contains charcoal with superior absorption effect that will not only control the blackheads or sebum lodged inside the pores but also remove dead skin cells. Contains witch hazel extracts to tighten large pores, leaving the nose looking clean and smooth.

AC Therapy SOS Spot Patch (RM35.90)
for skin troubles contains salicylic acid and tea tree oil to immediately care for reddened skin to immediately care for reddened skin troubles

Black Head Goodbye Nose Patch (RM24.90)
eliminate blackheads, wastes, and sebum, leaving the nose clear and lustrous. It also contains astringent ingredients to tighten and calm pores.

Applemint Pore Tightening Nose Patch ( RM29.90)
contains silica to absorb and remove blackheads and sebum from the nose area
Black Head Goodbye Nose Patch (RM29.90)

Tips how to use it : spray water on cotton and put on the nose before putting the patch,wait for 10-15 mis . The when you peel out, you can see the black heads will be stick at the patch..

Magic Pore Cover Balm - to cover the the pore and make the skin will look flawless

The 4 types of cleansers

Pore Tightening Ampoule
-contains patented herb complex for light absorption to tighten widened pores

Trouble Calming&Brightening Ampoule
- contains magnolia bark to calm skin troubles and to transform reddened and blemished skin into transparent and bright skin


I like this !! Smell so yummy and the texture is very thick!!! This helps Pore tightening + sebum control + skin trouble relief. Will want to buy this and try in the future!

[Exfoliation + pore care + brightening]
Contains peach extracts that contain an abundance of vitamin C to make skin whiter and more resilient.

Result : My hands are brighter and softer.. and the peach smell is so irresistible!

Although Baviphat focus more on skincare , they also have a wide range of cosmetics.

How can we forget the BB cream ?

Dereon Mineral Whitening & Anti-Wrinkle BB Cream SPF50/PA+++ - RM69.90 / 35ml
-Triple action BB cream blocks UV rays, whitens, and diminishes wrinkles all at once

BB Magic Girls SPH30 / PA++ - RM59.90
-fresh for oily skin

BB Island Girls Primer Fix - Price to be confirmed

Office Lady BB Cream SPF45/PA+++ - RM79.90 / 45ml
-Triple action BB cream contains EGF for resilience, while diminishing wrinkles, freckles, and blemishes

Dereon Insdream Prismer 3+ Base
-Triple all-in-one base for transparent and clear face

Dereon Insdream Jewel Satin Lip Kit - RM110.90 /1.2g

Each RM59.90 / 7ml

After you wear this , you will become naughty!! You kiss a man and he will turn into a prince frog ...

Lovely color and its affordable, RM29.90 / 7.5g

They also have fragrance!

Baviphat is currently having a promotion until end of this month.
Buy any fruit mask + any Paprika essence at RM89.90/set (NP : RM129.80)

Fiona recommended a few of their must buy product(i,.e their star product)
1) Mango brightening mask pack which can see instant result in 3 mins after application.
2) Magic Eye Solution Magic .
3) Apple Jelly Lip Scrub (RM19.90) remove dead skin cell and return softness to the lips
3) Two times BB deep cleansing oil which are not greasy and massage for 1 minute to remove a make up and dead skin at same time
4) Black Head Goodbye Nose Patch - tips spray on cotton and put on the nose ,wait for 10-15 mis . can see the black head melted out.
long- term use helps the pore get smaller and tightened.
BB cream- soft and light feeling..and good coverage

Currently there are 3 counters in Malaysia , do drop by and check out!
-Parkson Pavilion
-Parkson Sg Wang
-Parkson Sunway Pyramid

Please join Baviphat facebook here to check out their latest promotions or http://www.baviphat.com

Overall I think their products are really affordable (which don't burn a hole in our pocket) AND best of all the cute packaging is pretty reusable as house decoration!!!

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