How Arabian Makeup Artists Work on Their Clients

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Recently, I bumped into a video clip so interesting that I have to post. I did a search for Arabic makeup and bumped into a few YouTube videos. despite the different looks, they have a few things in common. I could not help but post them up here for all to see.

1. Makeup lesson with Ahmed Qubeisi:

2. Special Event makeup:

What's so interesting about these video clips are:

1. The clients lie down in the chairs:
I don't know about the rest of the world but in the U.S, when a makeup artist does my face, I sit on a chair. He or she may hand me a mirror to look once in a while. But Arabian makeup artists are so cool! If they wore lab coats, I would say they were dentists. The clients just lie down as if they were in a dentist's office and the makeup artist just works on them.

2. Cleanliness is the key:
In the first video, the makeup artist wore a pair of gloves. In the second video, the client wore some sort of a protective garment while the makeup artist put a piece of cloth to clean the brushes. To be honest, I have never seen a makeup artist wearing gloves before. But it makes sense, since he or she touches the client's face.

3. The brushes are so small:
To be fair, the first makeup artist, Mr. Qubeisi, did use a mix of big and small brushes but the majority of time, the brush he used was a small detail brush. The same thing in the second video. Also, both of them spent a good amount of time on eye makeup. No wonder the eyes look so good.

4. The color combination is insane:
Red eyeliner on the lower lash line? I wouldn't even think of that. But hey, it works. Glad to know. Also, I have a feeling that Arabic makeup videos make the other ones look like child's play.

5. The pigmentation of their eye shadows are off the chain:
Don't you notice it? They barely use a lot of product but the colors are unbelievably pigmented! Also, they are not shy to use shimmering colors.

6. What's the brand of that eyeliner? I want to know:
Not only the eyeliners are pigmented, the tip is as thin as a needle. I know, there are many felt tip liners out there with thin tips but they are not as dark. The one in the first video is insane.

I hope one day I will have the courage to rock some awesome makeup like that. These video clips totally inspire me to do some bolder looks. I have been in such a makeup rut lately. I sure do need these!


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