A Day with Belly

Get that camera off my face. Or else!
Yeah, I've been in gangster mood lately, mainly because of the weather. It was cold for a while and it got warm again. I like it when the weather is cold. I can eat more. Anyways, the deadline came like a train and I had nothing in my mind so I decided to share a day in the fabulous life of Belly the cat.

This is how it goes:

Knock knock!
3 a.m: knock on la mamarazzi's door and ask for food. If she doesn't answer, continue knocking/scratching.

7:30 a.m: knock again for breakfast. The 3 a.m shift was snack. Usually, she would wake up but she can be grumpy. I don't know why.

Noon: check to make sure she's at home. Then knock/scratch the door to ask for food again.

Wanna know how the rest of my day goes? Jump!

Afternoon: sleep

She caught me while I was drifting into sleep. This combines two of my favorite activities: sleeping and sunbathing. I call it slee-bathing :)
5 p.m: neighborhood tour to make sure my ladies are doing ok. Plus, I also scope out for more food.

7 p.m - 9 p.m: work!

Read some book
Read some magazine. "Blast Belly Fat"? Yeah, right!
Pose for pit-chas
(Look how fluffy I am!)
Read more books (or lean on them and scratch the cover!)
Watch a movie (or falling asleep watching a movie)
9:00- 9:30 pm: take a break to play and eat kibbles

Play with my favorite toy. I shredded it to pieces, roar!
9:30- midnight: watch late night TV and eat more kibbles.

After midnight: attempt to jump into la mamarazzi's bed and re-fur the bed sheet and comforter. Usually, it's a mission impossible kinda thing. La mamarazzi is too quick!

Just in case you wonder, success should look like this.
Yup, that's pretty much how my day goes. It's hard work, you know. I have to do a lot of playing and reading and hopefully, I get some inspirations for a blog entry a week to guarantee some kibbles. What? You expect to see a picture of moi typing? You are not serious, aren't you? I have la mamarazzi to type for me, why would I need to do it myself? Besides, I don't have opposable thumbs.

That's all for now. Hope your day is going well.

Love, peace, and tuna fish,
Mr. Belly

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