My October Sinful Haul !

I was just telling myself in the facebook on Sunday morning that I wanna to ban myself from shopping to save for my coming holiday tripsss in next year. A guy friend challenged that if I can try stop facebook-ing for 5 days continuously , then my 5 months shopping ban got hopes..While Anna straight said she don't believe I can do so.

I guess Anna was right.

Women are weak when it comes to shopping.

Especially where there is this super deal that no one can resist.

Die-die also want to go.

Sunday evening, I suggested my bf to go Midvalley to watch movie instead of Pavilion. When reach there went straight I went to Lewre. Busted, he said I came get the shoes rather than want come there for movies.. See how desperate am I !

So what makes me break my shopping woes !


If you been following for quite a while, you will know how much I am crazy about heels. (though now I dont wear them that much due to knee injury).

But still loves to wear them once a while.

So here is my sinful haul , from Lewre pre-renovation clearance in Midvalley last Sunday night. I went knowing that not much sizes and design left.

But pray hard I can find SOMETHING nice for myself!

And I DID !!

Managed to dig this sexy pair out from the pile of boxes that the SA told me that these are defect shoes. I checked few times, this pair is totally alright!!!

And got this green shoes heel as well! Just nice , as I do not own any green shoes yet !! My first one to match my green dress! Happy .

The promotion goes like this.

Normal heels : RM30/pair and RM50 for 2 pairs

Leather - RM70/pair

Selected heels : RM100 for 2 pairs.

Please remember that there are limited quantities in term of design and size. My bf told me s the first day of sale on Saturday that all the girls rushed in and snatched whatever is there. And Bf didnt want to tell me (which he claimed forgot ) about the sale until I found out from Jean !

Lewre is one of my favourite High heels brand , as its comfortable and suit my feet perfectly.

And something I am lusting for recently after I spotted them in the magazine!

I cant stop thinking about this , ever since I saw them... but keep asking myself do I need this! >.<

Charles & Keith lends support to Breast Cancer Foundation this September and October 2010, for the second consecutive year, with the sale of the limited edition PINK! collection to benefit women affected by breast cancer.

Breast cancer is the top most common cancer affecting Singaporean women. Every year, about 1,350 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and 313 women die from it. An effort to spread the message that breast cancer can be treated through early detection, the public can wear their support and help save lives this breast cancer month when they purchase the PINK! collection.

Inspired by the pink ribbon – universal symbol of breast cancer awareness – the PINK! collection comprises the perfect accessories to accentuate sophistication and femininity.

Charles & Keith will be donating part of the sale proceeds from the PINK! collection to benefit Breast Cancer Foundation, assisting their funding efforts for public outreach and support programmes.

RM119.90 for the candy pink heels with bow and RM99.90 for the bag or RM199.90 for the set,and all sale proceeds= will be donated to the PRIDE Foundation to support the plight of breast cancer awareness.

Show your support, wear it with PINK!

So I need more excuse to get this for myself ?

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