Belly at Large: The Fire Cat and Self-Esteem

Happy early Halloween, everyone!

Today, I'm neither frabjous nor festive. Halloween is right around the corner and I know what the mamarazzi is going to dress up as. However, we are bound to cat-human confidentiality so I can't tell. Also, not having opposable thumbs makes it hard to type and I rely on her for all the typing. What a boogah, right?

So, the mamarazzi has been on a video editing roll lately. The latest victim, err..., I mean product is this video of moi doing the intimate grooming. With the intimate part aside, I must say it's a good video. The music choice is somewhat an irony. "Dirrty", you think? Anyways, just watch it:

Also, this article on Marie Claire really ticks me off. The author did apologize at the end but to me, it's an apology a minute too late. I happen to like that show "Mike and Molly", the characters are cute and they do have chemistry. I know a part of my allure is my chunky quarterback player size. The mamarazzi, however, has ceased to call me "chunky", "big boy", and "chubby" anymore. She said those words may hurt my self-esteem. Like yeah! I'm a cat. But still, words hurt, people!

I hope you'll enjoy your Halloween. Please remember, don't drink and drive. And please brush your teeth after you eat candies.

Love, peace, and tuna fish,
Mr. Belly

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