Revlon ColorSilk in Brown Black 20

Wow, I skipped a month of hair dye without even noticing! Well, when my roots start to show, I always tell myself that it's no big deal and that it can way another week (because I'm so lazy). But you know how fast the days past with school? So I forgot about it... and then, while browsing my older posts, I realized that my last hair dye was on... October 6! I skipped a whole month LOL. And the results are not pretty:

 See that patch of hair near my forehead that is lighter than the rest of my hair? I missed this spot the last time I dyed my hair black LOL.

 It's worst than I thought! Yuck X_X

I realized that I really needed to color my hair when I was taking pictures for my upcoming review of Alberto Weather Resistant Hairspray.

I decided to give Revlon Colorsilk a try. It's not available where I live, but I picked up this box when I was in Wildwood two years ago because it was only around $3.

Onto the results:

This hair dye is ammonia-free and it's claimed to leave your hair in better condition. I can't tell as I always find that my hair looks so siny and healthy right after a coloration.

You can also notice that I'm already bored of my straight bangs (or fringe?)... I've started parting in on the side again LOL. I can't help it, it gets greasy just so quickly and it's so annoying to always have something on my face! Plus, I believe it makes me look younger x=

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