Belly at Large: True Colors

Well, hello humans!

With all the flashes and stuff, people think I have brown eyes. No, you're wrong. My eyes are blue, glassy blue. The mamarazzi said they look very dreamy. Want proof?

See, I have blue eyes. The irises are blue. The mamarazzi just failed to capture it!
Also, please don't mind the mess. I love to roll in them!
Same pose, with flash
My eyes!
Flashes are great. They make things look brighter. But sometimes, flashes don't give you true colors. Also, I hate them. They are too bright!

Propaganda of the day: Cat People Are People Too.
I know, I know. Since I've been a constant fixture of My Makeup Blog, the last "dog people" reader has been long gone. Not my fault but it's not fair for la mamarazzi. She's been working so hard on it. Besides, I'm handsome, I follow her like a puppy, and I had a dog as my BFF. Nope, I don't make the last one up. It's fur-real and I miss her a lot.

That's all for now. This week has been a doozy. Now, I need another nap.

Ciao for now,
Mr. Belly

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