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Lately, I have been in a neutral FOTD state of mind. Don't get me wrong, I love colors. However, I found no excuse to wear bright and cheerful colors at all. I blame it on my dark nail polishes. This week, I've been wearing "Daddy's Girl" nail polish from Sinful Colors and it inspired me to do a purple/neutral FOTD. To some people, purple is a neutral color. However, bright neon purples are still bright to me. I found two palettes from my stash and went to town with them. The result is this:

Not so Neutral FOTD
It looks neutral, right? But don't let it fool you. Want to know how it really look? Jump!

Stuff I used:
1. ArtDeco eyeshadow primer, 2. Sephora Pure palette, 3. Stila It Girl palette, 4. MAC Rich Flesh eyeshadow, 5. NYX Purple Pearl pearlmania pigment, 6. Wet n Wild Pixie eye pencil, 7. Formula D Minerals foundation (available by request), 8. MAC Studio Sculpt concealer in NW20, 9. Maybelline Pure Blush in Pure Passion, (10) MAC Plink! lipstick
Not shown: The Ultimate Powder
Brushes used: 1. MAC 266, 2. ELF blending brush, 3. ELF eyeshadow brush, 4. concealer brush, 5. EcoTools blush brush, 6. ELF Studio powder brush
Colors for the eyes
(I dropped the Stila palette and a little bit of Chloe eyeshadow chipped off. I almost had a heart attack when the palette hit the floor!)
Eye chart
Andes (1) to the inner and outer corner of the eyes, Purple Pearl (2) foiled in the middle and blend with (1), using ELF eyeshadow brush; blend Chloe (3) to the crease with the blending brush and blur the edges with Rich Flesh (4); highlight with Lame'.
Line your lower lashes with Pixie. Wet the 266 brush with water and dip it into Andes (1) to line the upper lashes.
Curl your lashes and apply mascara
Your eye should look like this
Apply foundation, concealer, then finishing powder before blush. Then, apply lipstick and voila, you're done!
Thanks to my deep set eyes, people cannot really see the purple. Therefore, this look is very deceiving. It is fun while still looks appropriate in conservative environment. I hope you don't mind my overly shiny hair. I switched back to the Dove shampoo I used and guess what? My hair looks like a grease monkey! I love Dove for its cleaning power as my organic shampoo does not clean so well. I need to figure out a way to keep my hair clean without looking so greasy. Any suggestion? I have sensitive scalp, btw.

I hope you enjoy this FOTD with the eye color chart. I'm looking forward to your feedback, too!


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