Lesson Learned: When to Buy

Hi everybody,

Today's post sounds like a mini-rant and feel free to tune out if you are not in the mood to read it. I totally understand.

Ok, with the disclaimer aside, I want to tell you this story. Those who know me well understand I prefer to keep my pennies in my pocket. While I have been blogging about makeup, recently, I found my way into nail polishes. The ones I featured here are not that expensive (less than 5 dollars so far.)

The nail polish industry is very competitive. You have these major companies such as OPI and Essie to produce various limited editions a year. Then, you have Sally Hansen's and many many other smaller nail polish brands to compete with the big guys. So far, whenever a shade from the big brands is popular, the smaller brands will sure copy. It works for us, the consumer, as we get some fantastic colors with relatively good quality for a lot cheaper. And that's the usual trend. The smaller guys (relatively, because I don't think Sally Hansen's is that small, btw) produce good dupes but rarely do they produce something so unique and sensational that make people flip.

And I did say "rarely", not "never", because once in a while, the moon and the stars aligned and Sally Hansen's would produce something great. The latest one was "Hidden Treasure" from the Tracy Reese collection. How it went under my radar still stymies me.

Really, this color is great. It is a layering color that makes nail polishes look like lacquer. Now, you can hardly get it anymore because Sally Hansen do not produce them anymore! If you go to eBay, you can find it for $25. No kidding!

And guess what? I was thisclose to buy it. The only reason I didn't buy: the price. It was 6 bucks at Wal-mart. I saw it, did a swatch, admired the complexity of it on my nails, and put it down. Yes, I freakin' walked away! Just because the stuff cost six bucks!

It could have died down but my friends had to bring it up. So I did a search on Google and guess what? That was the color I swatched at Wal-mart! I didn't remember the name but I had full intention to buy it later. When I came back, the nail polish was gone. Gone!

Since then, I have been to a Target, 2 CVS, and a Walgreens. Still, no sight of "Hidden Treasure." It drives me crazy.

So, lesson learned: things can go away. If you see something you like and you can afford it, buy it! Right now, I have my eyes on "Space Cadet" by Orly. It cost 8 dollars, a little bit out of my price range, but I am sure I will kick myself in the butt if I don't buy it.

How about you? Have you had something so awesome slipped away like I did? Or do you have something in your target list? If so, please share. I'd love to hear from you.


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