Beauty Literotica: The Complete Eyebrow Guide by Trisha Bartle

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As we all know, a pair of well-groomed eyebrows can change the outlook of your face. Although we spend so much time on applying eye shadows on our eyes, some of us do not realize the eyebrows are the key players that frame the eyes. For a long time, I was very skeptical at grooming my own eyebrows. The sheer thought of grooming them brought shivers to my spine.

The Complete Eyebrow Guide by Trisha Bartle
But fear no more! Trisha from Makeup Files spent time to write "The Complete Eyebrow Guide" to help those who have eyebrow grooming-phobia. In this e-book, you will find information to choose the eyebrow style you want (thick or thin), the evolution of eyebrows (from pencil-thin to the famous Brook Shields eyebrows in the 80s.) You will also get a look at the perfect classic eyebrows that many Hollywood stars sported (have you ever wonder how magnificent Vanessa Williams' eyebrows look?)

Also, you will find an assortment of ways to groom your eyebrows. I did not realize there are so many different ways to keep the brows well-groomed. I used to wax my eyebrows and currently, I use a pair of tweezers to pluck them. However, threading and laser hair removal are two other methods.

The most important question is: Can you learn eyebrow grooming from a book?

This e-book has some magnificent pictures to illustrate each step. Trisha took close-ups of her face, especially in the eye area, to show you the proper way to groom your eyebrows* Her instructions are clear and sometimes, funny. It definitely does not feel like reading from a manual.

Price: $9.95 at And guess what? You get a bonus mini e-book with each purchase called "50 Ways to Look and Feel Beautiful."

I am glad to receive this book from Trisha and I would recommend it to those who want to learn how to groom their eyebrows. If you don't get the idea the first time, don't panic. Practice does make perfect. It took me years to finally found the perfect eyebrow shape for me. I hope you will find yours, too.

Disclaimer: this product was provided by the author for reviewing consideration.


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