Autumn Is in the Air!

Fall in the Sunshine State
Just like that, the scorching hot weather is gone. We no longer feel the fake boob-melting heat anymore (which is the good thing for those who choose to surgically enhance that part of their bodies.) However, as the weather gets cooler, there's less water in the air. Hence, I need heavier moisturizer for my face and body.


During summer, the Z Mei skincare system became too much for me. As much as I love it, the heat basically melted everything off my face. Therefore, I stopped using Z Mei in the summer, which brought disastrous flocks of zits to my face. It was not so cool.

Now that fall is here, I'm bring Z Mei back into my skincare life. So far, the face has adapted pretty well and my skin looks a lot smoother than it was.

Also, I am adding hyaluronic acid to my skincare regimen. I found out if I use the Marie Louise toner with my Z Mei night creme, my face is baby soft when I wake up in the morning. Hyaluronic acid is a wonderful moisturizer and it worths the price.


Believe it or not, I started to exfoliate more and more these days. Before, you could hardly make me scrub my body at all but now, I find it more enjoyable. Also, smooth skin afterwards feels nice.

This year, I am using body oil more than ever. Adding a few drops to the warm bath really softens up my skin. Also, I don't need to moisturize afterwards. A neat trick I use is to pour body oil in a small spray bottle and spray it to my body when my skin is still damp.

Also, I can't wait for my order from Coastal Scents to arrive because guess what? I went ahead and ordered ONE pound of unrefined shea butter! Yup, I went insane that day but my skin behaves a lot better with creams that have shea butter. I know it's not the case with everybody but shea butter is a skin savior to me. Most skincare concoctions out there have about 20% of shea butter and they charge you a bit load of money. The one I bought is pure and unrefined, which means all the healing properties are still intact. I guess I am going to experiment with it and I'll probably end up with my own concoction of body/hair/whatever cream to slather from head to toes.

How about you? Are you going to have a skincare switch, too? By the way, fall is my most favorite season of the year as the temperature is cool enough for me not to wear a jacket. Also, the change of foliage is just amazing. I just love fall very much.

The little turquoise horse:

My badges on
Yes, I did it! I finished the September challenge on! Now, I have a little turquoise horse badge and my name is also on the Wall of Awesomeness.

My reward for winning the challenge was to get the Urban Decay Book of Shadow III or the Naked palette. My punishment was to clean my own apartment. And guess what I did last Friday? I cleaned my apartment!

I hate cleaning but my threshold to uncleanliness is not that high. I can only let it out of control for about a week and I have to clean. But the real cleaning is at the end of the month when I really polish everything from head to toes.

So yes, September was not so bad to me. Except for some hiccups here and there, my writing has been quite constant lately. My plan for October is to finish the novel I'm working on before November starts. Why? Because we all know November is National Novel Writing Month. And for those who always want to write a novel in their lives, please join NaNoWriMo. It is an interesting experience that changed my life.


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