This will be the first year my toddler gets to go trick-or-treating and I'm so excited. We watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" last night and everything I told him about going out on Halloween made sense to him when he saw the gang of kids knock on a door and receive CANDY! Now, since he's only two, "candy" is fruit snacks and I'm hoping to keep it that way.

I just put the finishing touches on his and his 12 year old brother's costumes. My oldest wanted to go as SpongeBob this year, so I figured I'd do costumes that go together. Therefore, my little guy is going to be "DoodleBob." The DoodleBob costume was easy - I just painted a box white and then made a rough drawing of SpongeBob on it. The large box that I made into SpongeBob, on the other hand, has had me up until 2am for the last few nights (I can only get the paints out after the little guy goes to bed unless I want "help.") Even though it'll only be worn once, I'm very proud of it!

Earlier this evening, we did our pumpkins. I bought pie pumpkins at the farmer's market last week so we could have our Halloween and eat it, too. Since I plan on cooking them, we couldn't cut them into Jack-o-lanterns. Instead, I got out all of my old magazines and cut out every eye, nose, mouth, ear, and hair I could find. Tonight, the whole family sat in the kitchen and taped these parts onto our pumpkins. We had a great time trying out different faces and showing each other! The pumpkins look creepier than anything you could carve, too. Our toddler had the BEST time and, since there were no sharp objects involved, he was able to make his own pumpkin with very minimal help.

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