Gifts from Italy

Hi everyone,

Recently, my friend Gio and I did an impromptu swap. As usual, I sent her some American makeup in exchange for Italian makeup. Guess what? Her package arrived faster than both of us expected and I got some lovely Italian makeup.

Layla Hydro Tense foundation, Astra lipgloss, eyeshadow, and duo blush.
Gio also included some samples which I quickly stashed away
Close-up at the colors
Gio told me she loves the Layla foundation very much and sent me a bottle in shade number 5, which is a good match for me. My skin is still pretty tan from the summer and this foundation adjusted well to it. The blush duo is very pigmented. I am very surprised at how little I need to use to get a nice healthy flush on my cheeks. I haven't tried the eyeshadow yet but it looks nice and it is brown.

Guess who felt left out from all of the Italian goodies?

El Gato Supremo! He's currently holding the padded envelope hostage...

...which is a nice pad for napping!
Homeboy even drooled on it when he slept! (Don't tell him that, he'll want extra belly rubs to mitigate the situation.)
Thank you, Gio, for all of the makeup. I really appreciate it. Belly certainly appreciates his new pad. It's Italian, after all!

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