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During the summer, the kind folks at NeoStrata sent me a package with the Exuviance Heel Repair and some samples for me to review. First of all, the idea of having skincare for my heels is both intriguing and repulsive to me at the same time. Intriguing because I've never really paid attention to the area that lifts up my body. Repulsive because I am lazy. Having to put the cream on my feet is not just an effort. It is a habit-forming activity that I'm sure I cannot acquire overnight.

Exuviance Heel Repair ($38)
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First of all, the only type of heel care product I've used is really simple. It's called a pumice stone. Once in a blue moon, I would give my sole a run over in hope all the dried dead cells on the balls of my feet and the outer edges would go away and never come back. After a vigorous scrubbing, my feet felt soft enough to walk the red carpet in Hollywood. It lasted for about a week because I never follow up until the blue moon shines again, which usually is a month or so later. With all that said, my feet have never been in a terrible state with cracked heels at all. I still consider it a miracle, considering how little I care for my feet. However, knowing some relatives with cracked and calloused heels, walking can be painful. Using a pumice stone is out of the question. The only way to improve that skin condition is to go to a podiatrist and get a therapeutic pedicure to sort things out.

To some level, the Exuviance Heel Repair is the equivalence of the pumice stone. But the catch is: you can use it on cracked and calloused heels. This big jar contains a rich buttery cream with AHA/PHA to gently exfoliate the dead skin cells off your feet. It is also scent-free and does not rub off on your clothes.

The Heel Repair cream is as thick as butter!
The ingredient list consists of a mixture of water, propylene glycol, and petroleum-base products emulsified by beeswax. Vitamin E was added as an antioxidant and probably to increase moisturizing property. The AHAs (alpha-hydroxyacids) are glycolic and lactic acid and the PHAs (poly-hydroxyacids) are mandelic acid and glucolactone. While both hydroxyacid groups have the ability to exfoliate, PHAs have smaller molecular sizes to further penetrate the epidermis. Also, PHAs are less irritating to the skin than AHAs. Even people with sensitive skin can use it.

Ingredient list
While the instruction indicates I should use the Exuviance Heel Repair twice a day, I only use it at night when I remember about it. The reasons for this behavior are (a) I'm lazy (already mentioned above) and (b) I don't like my feet feeling greasy. Therefore, the daytime usage is out of the door. However, on the nights I use it, on subsequent mornings, my feet feel a lot softer. If I use it diligently for more than three nights in a row, I start to see some of the hard stuff on my feet coming off. This product is very efficient and you should take the warming seriously. After applying the cream to your feet, please wash it as the hydroxyacids can sting your eyes and nose very much.

Since I don't have cracked heels, I cannot testify for the product's effectiveness to this issue. However, I do notice the improvements on my feet when using it more diligently at night. With its price, I won't buy it anytime soon since a little bit of product does go a long way. I like to apply it and put socks on before going to sleep and wake up with wonderfully soft feet. 

For those who have cracked and calloused heels, the Exuviance Heel Repair may be the answer to your problems. It will work for those who want smooth feet without using the pumice stone. However, if you don't feel like spending $38 plus shipping and handling for a jar of creme for your feet, the pumice stone and regular lotion are your answers.

Disclaimer: this product was provided by the company for review purposes.


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