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Slowbrogal is one of my beauty buddy which I known her through blogging...She writes very well and of course she is very gorgeous too!! Anyway she is organising a JUMBO giveaway as recently on 25 Sept she celebrated her birthday and her blog is finally one year old (Congratulations dear!!) ! And I would like to give a final shout out to all of you out there to join .. as its ending 12am midnight 28 October 2010 (Malaysia time, +08 GMT). So quickly join her giveaway as well as mine too here !

Check out her prizes which I copied from her blog !!

Thanks for all my readers for being so supportive this whole year. I really appreciated all of you and I would like to say a big thank you. Therefore, this giveaways is all for you. A token of my appreciation to my readers.

PART A: (For all followers and subscribers)
Here’s the prize packs:
Lancome Blanc Expert Whitening Travel Set worth RM300.

Cosmetic Prize Pack:
Kanebo T'estimo Glitter Fluid Rouge Lipgloss worth RM75
Biore Cleansing Oil in Cotton Wipes (Travel Size) - Not in picture
Skincare Prize Pack:
Kevin BeautyMaker Skin Repair Wakening Gel
Body Prize Pack:
[Thanks to Grace for sponsoring this]

Estebel 1833 Massage Oil Sandalwood 200ml
(For slimming effect & aromatherapy; Made in France)
Mask Prize Pack:

Neutrogena mask, FaceQ mask, My Beauty Diary mask,
My Scheming Beauty Facial and Eyes Mask.
Sample Prize Pack:
Caudalie, Hada Labo. Smashbox, Clinique,
Hanskin BB & Dreamkobo samples.
- You must be a follower/ subscriber of my blog
- Leave a comment on this post and tell me one product review in my blog had encourages you the most in trying the product and why?

PART B: (Extra giveaway specially for my subscribers only)
So, here's the special prize for ONE of my subscriber.

Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Makeup Remover
Bobbi Brown Metallic Eyeshadow
My Scheming Beauty Grape Seed Mask

- You must be a subscriber of SlowBro's Dreams. If you’re not, you may click 'subscribe me' (sidebar on the right).
- Leave a comment (based Part A) on this post together with the username of the e-mail address that you've used to subscribe with so I can enter you.

* Username of the email address is the front section of your email address. This is for those who’re not comfortable in revealing their email address here. (Eg: username: slowbro; email:
**Entries where your e-mails are not subscribed will be disqualified. Please make sure that the username you comment here is the same as the one you've used to subscribe and do remember to verify the subscription.


1) This contest is open to ALL readers including international readers.
2) There are seven (7) different prizes, so there will be 7 winners.
3) One comment per contestant please. If you’re a subscriber, please refrain from using multiple emails. Let’s give everyone a chance.
4) Part A is open to all readers who are my follower and subscriber. Part B is open to all reader who’ve subscribe via feedburner.
5) If you’re a follower but you’ve not subscribe to this blog, you’re eligible for Part A only. If you’re a subscriber, you’re eligible for both Part A and Part B. To make it simple:
Follower – Part A
Subscriber – Part A and B
Follower and subscriber - Part A and B
6) If you want to boost your chances at winning, you may do so by :
a) Link/Post this giveaway on your blog. (+ 2 entries)
- Blog created specially for giveaways will be disqualified.
b) Follow me on twitter and retweet this giveaway. (+ 1 entry)
c) Add SlowBro’s Dreams’ into your blogroll or list. ( + 2 entries)
7) Please compile all your entries in one comment. If you’re joining for both Part A and Part B, please leave only one comment as per stated in part A. Multiple comments for different entries will be disqualified. For instance, you may follow the format below:
a) Follower/ subscriber ID:
b) Eligible for: Part A or B
c) Email address:
d) Answer on product reviews
e) Your blog link that you've blogged and linked
f) Followed and retweet the giveaway (you may provide a link if you want)
8) The closing date for this giveaway is 12am midnight 28 October 2010 (Malaysia time, +08 GMT).
9) The winner will be chosen by using But I will first narrow down the best and creative answer.

Please read the rules before you submit your entry, ok? Or else, your entry will be void.

To join her giveaway, click here

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