Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Secret Admirer is Love!

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Slowly but surely, I am going to post swatches and reviews of the four Sinful Colors nail polishes I recently acquired during the last sales at Walgreens. Since my friend "Ink" highly recommended Secret Admirer, I decided to use it first and OMGee, it is one really nice color!

Sinful Colors nail polish in Secret Admirer
 The best description of this nail polish is a metallic gunmetal color with lots of silver shimmers. It is a very cool-looking nail polish that goes well with dark outfits.

With flash, you can see the shine better here
 For those who are familiar with Sinful Colors, you may realize some of the nail polishes are thinner than others. Sometimes, I needed to load 3-4 coats to make the color show. However, this is not the case with Secret Admirer. The juice is pigmented and one coat is enough. While it is loaded with glitters, the application is smooth. The brush is large and does not streak. In all the pictures, I painted one coat and that was all I needed.

Without flash, still very shiny
This nail polish is something you have to experience yourself. Seeing it in the bottle or online does not do it justice. Secret Admirer is the epitome of cool, if there is such a thing in the nail polish world. For those who are afraid of wearing black or very dark nail polishes, this may be a good start for you. The white shimmers make it glamorous and wearable on a daily basis. I wore it out and got so many compliments on my nails.

Thank you, "Ink" for suggesting this nail polish to me. I am loving it!

Disclosure: this product was purchased by me for my own personal use.


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