Do You Love Your Hair?

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If you have followed the beauty blogsphere lately, you would probably noticed the uproar against the Brazilian Blowout. Yesterday, NPR did a story on it and you can read it here. Coincidentally, NPR also did another article about the latest and cutest musical number on "Sesame Street." During the weekend, I put it on my Facebook account and I have seen it in a lot of my friends' Facebook updates as well.

While my hair is easy to maintain, I do have friends who wake up at 4 a.m to make their hair look more presentable. It is hard work but most of my friends did not take an easy way out by perming their hair. In fact, some of them actually left the perm and embraced their natural curls.

When I read the "I Love My Hair" article on NPR, I was very touched at Mr. Mazzarino's effort to encourage his daughter to love her hair. His mentioning of the Barbie doll also struck a chord in me. For a very long time, I was flipping magazines after magazines, trying to find an actress or a model who looked like me. My main reason was to see how the makeup tips and tricks those magazine articles mentioned would look on Asian women. I got none. Every month, I looked at the cover of Cosmo and wondered why they didn't put Lucy Liu on the cover.

I guess this video clip deserves a post on my blog. It's not just about loving your hair but also about loving yourself. Of course, there are many things you and I want to change about our outlooks. However, instead of putting ourselves under the microscope and dissecting all the flaws, we should embrace it. What we deem as flaws are the things that make us unique.


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