Win a pair of Marmaduke's movie ticket here!

Hey people, I'm pretty lucky this month.. I won a few movies ticket this month and for the movie Marmaduke I decided to give away a pair of the movie ticket to one of my lovely readers here !!! And this is one the way I would like to say

Thank you for your visit to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading and supporting me. I truly enjoy blogging because of your existence :)

(Ah I love dog's movie !!.. How I wish my Bebe can talk to me!)

Synopsis : For Phill and Debbie Winslow, moving their family from Kansas to the O.C. is a big deal. However, this move also means a whole new way of life for their enormous Great Dane, Marmaduke. It's chaos at home and awkward at work as the Winslow struggle to control their mischievous canine.

To win this pair of movie tickets
1) You must be a follower of Jessying
2)Leave a comment by telling me why you love reading Jessying...
3)Leave your name & follower ID and valid email address.

Eg of entry

I love reading Jessying because....she tempts me to go shopping!

Name : Jess Lee
Follower ID: Jessying
Email :

Kindly note

1) The winner will win a pair of complimentary pass to the movie Marmaduke.
2) Since this is a complimentary pass which mean you can watch this movie anytime, any day from any cinema as long as it's still showing in the cinema & subject to availability of seats..
3) Contest run from NOW to 13 June 2010, 12:00 am (contest runs for 24 hours only, BE QUICK!).
4) Winner will be selected randomly using and the decision of who is the winner is final.
5) Jessying reserves the right to change/edit and delete offensive messages and other comments deem fit.
6) This contest is exclusive for Malaysian readers only.

Good luck people !!!

To Love is to share !

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