Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Chubby Eye Stick: Get It!

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Happy Monday! I guess I'm kind of late to report about the on-going Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale. This year, I have what I need in the underwear department so I didn't go to the sale for that. However, I crashed the sale for these Beauty Rush chubby eye sticks:

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Chubby Eye Sticks

(Top-bottom): Glampagne, Green Gleam, Pink Flash, and Bronzilliant
Wanna know what I think about these chubby sticks? Wanna see the swatch? Jump!

During one of my trips to Victoria's Secret, I noticed these chubby sticks were not on display. It was close to the Semi-Annual Sale, which means these guys were candidates for the sale. Two weeks later, I came back to VS and saw a whole bunch of them in the 75% off bin. Yes, now you can get them for $1.75 each!

VS has a habit of nixing really good products from the line-up and replace them with crappy ones. To be honest, I did not really notice these chubby sticks until one time I swatched them while waiting in line. They are amazing! The consistency is similar to that of MAC Shadestick but some of them are more shimmery. Glampagne is the grittiest of the four I bought and too quite an effort to remove. However, these chubby sticks last on and on and on, even in the heat and humidity of the Floridian summer.

Skin swatch (L-R): Bronzilliant, Green Gleam, Glampagne, and Pink Flash
These chubby sticks can be used as base, eyeshadow, and chubby eyeliner. You already saw me using Bronzilliant in this FOTD as a secondary base. It made Hazel Brown stay put and look more vibrant. I say you should go to VS and buy them. I'll probably go to another VS to get the purple and blue one. They ran out of the blue chubby stick in the VS near my place.

Note: it's not a shadestick so you can't swivel the end to get more product to rise up. Instead, get a big pencil sharpener and sharpen it when the material starts to dwindle closer to the base.

Disclaimer: I bought the above products from Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale


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