Come and Have a Slice of (Virtual) Cake!

My Makeup Blog turns 2 today!

Thank you, everybody for a wonderful year of fabulous blogging! Since the first birthday, My Makeup Blog has grown beyond my imagination. I get to know many new people and become good friends with some old acquaintances (I ain't say you're old, I just meant we've known each other for a very long time :]) As always, I enjoy reading and replying your comments, emails, and tweets.

The second year of My Makeup Blog was very interesting to me, as I get to know many wonderful publicists who introduced me to new products I would have otherwise missed. I would like to thank all of them for their consideration, kindness, time, energy, and patience to me and my blog. The fact that My Makeup Blog is worthy of your attention is something I treasure very much.

Last but not least, My Makeup Blog's staff writers increased by 100% since Mr. Belly joined the team as the Editor-at-Large. He enjoys his fan base very much and hope his popularity will get him some free cat food from Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres soon.
Note: My Makeup Blog's time line
The humble beginning: the first blog entry of my all-time favorite lipstick, Clinique Black Honey. Also, a look at moi with really short hair :)
The first birthday: did a Gisele hair look and didn't celebrate much. The first year was the hardest, y'all!
Now, why don't we slice that virtual birthday cake open and have a slice?


Picture source: I downloaded this picture a long time ago and did not take note of the source. If you are an author, please let me know and I will credit you. I really love this picture and hope to have an awesome birthday cake like this one day!

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