Price Report for Watsons Warehouse sale 2010

When I reached , I got in without any queue outside (unlike the morning batch who need to queue up before going in because there is a big crowd went there early morning today) A little angel told me she reached there, cant even get in at all because the queue was so damn long, end up she left out of frustration.

Huge crowd are here queuing to pay!

But look this is the payment counters This is the cashier area where the people are paying. 5-6 counters only with 1-2 caters for people who intends to use the credit card.

The Queue is crazy, looks is like a a snake line.

Below will be my price report for this Watsons Warehouse sale 2010 using pictures

So weird thing that they sell in warehouse.

Cups with cover

Most of the people took sunsilk, head & shoulder shampoo, chocolate (3 for rm10) , mentos 3 for RM1. All these people buy in dozens! It's crazy !!!

Note the above notice!

Mine haul at RM160 ( not everything is mine, some my customers one)

Also I discovered that the cashier charge me twice for the same item because I counted the no of items I bought not tally with the receipt, must be he scanned twice for the Watsons battery ! Sigh!!!!!

So people , do remember to check how many items you put in your basket before paying ya.

And I remembered asking this Chinese guy staff, if he know how much is thermometer is, he just answered back rudely I dont know. I asked him to confirm if he is from Watsons , since he is wearing the Watsons tag. He replied rudely ya, so you expect me to remember everything and laughed? And he just walked away. I was stunted for that moment. Hmm .. if only he could be a little bit more helpful! Not at all!!!

Anyway those who need personal service for this warehouse sale , email me

p/s: am going to sleep now very tired.

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