Laneige Facebook Sunblock Campaign is ON!

It is so sunny out there! Have you tried LANEIGE's Sun Blocks yet? Choose a sun block that's perfect for your lifestyle, skin type and needs! Click into this folder to read more about 4 of our awesome sun protection creams, and choose the one that would suit your lifestyle!

Yes is a MUST !

1.Redeem Free Trial Sun Block upon Consultation from any Laneige's counter.

2. Complimentary Summer Travel Pouch when you purchase a 1 sunblock+1 skincare item
3. Join their contest here to win a SPA session!

Click on the picture to go the link in facebook

Also tag yourself on the photo shown above which represent your lifestyle.

I tagged myself as the one who always enjoy what I do and is happy of what I am today :)

For more info , check out Laneige's facebook here.

Updates : Got this from my favorite/aka home SA in Parksons Pavilion.

She is generous to give 3 sachets to try all of different types, one is Aqua sunblock SPH 35 (for hydration ), the middle one is Star White Multi Proctector (for whitening) and Sunblock Triple 40SPH ( this is 3 in 1, sunblock, anti aging and skin tone corrector)

Got to try this out !

Price check
Laneige Sunblock Triple SPH 40++ 70ml for RM95
Laneige Aqua SPH 35++ 70ml for RM85
Laneige Star White Multi Protector SPH 40PA++ 70ml for RM120

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