Review : Restoran Sin Kee Steam Rice

Few months back when my boyfriend told me he is bringing me to a Chinese restaurant in Brickfields for dinner. I was like 0_0 ??? I am asking are you sure in Brickfields? Well I used to attend my classes there and all I remember is there are 4 Chinese food shop/restaurant and there is nothing special. And even now the food shop behind my college was turned into Old Town White Coffee cafe >.<
Note : To my Muslim readers, this is a non-halal post on food.

He said his colleagues told him many many times that this is a nice and must go place! So we went ! We found the restaurant located opposite Kl Sentral at the main road of Brickfields, which is a little bit further down after the monorail station. And if you walking from Monorail station, it is like two blocks away. And this is the only Chinese restaurant at the whole row of shops. So we were told by his colleague to order their signature steam rice (in Cantonese it's calls Man Fan).

So we ordered their signature pork steam rice after looking at their menu (in English/Chinese) . And they came like this with the bowl cover on top of the rice, don't look presentable to me.

But when they opened it , I was like WOW that is really a huge portion with lots of ingredients and it smells good too! Plain rice with generous amount of of pork, fishcakes, Chinese sausages, chicken, squid, omelette, cabbage, onions, lettuce and lots of dark yummylicious gravy .

This is only RM 7/plate!

If you do not take pork, then can order the Seafood Steam rice.

Inside with GENEROUS amount of big fresh prawns, squids, fishcake, onions, omelette, lettuce and lots of gravy!!! RM7.50 for this one .. worth the price !!

Try also their noodle soup, the soup is sweet because have lots of ingredients. RM6.50 or Rm7 ( cant remember it)

Also don't forget to try their daily soup, its very sweet, rich and nice! Also around RM6-RM7!

Something interesting to find out that although this is like a typical Chinese restaurant, the boss and the workers speaks very fluent English apart from Cantonese and they even write down order in English.

Restoran Sin Kee

Address : 194, Jalan Sambathan, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Direction to go : Drive a little bit further down after the monorail station. And if you walking from Monorail station, it is like two blocks away.

Tel : 03-2274-1842

Opening Hour : Lunch 12pm-2.30pm and Dinner 6pm-9.30pm

GPS Coordinate : N3 07.818 E101 41.265

p/s: I am going back to try to order their ala-carte dishes :D

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