Salabianca free makeover by M.A.C cosmetics & a photo session

Introduce a friend to classy, cool, casual chic styles at Salabianca!

Bring a friend over to salabianca Pavilion KL on 10 & 11 July from 11am-8pm to have a free makeover by M.A.C cosmetics & a photo session.

(No RSVP is needed, just walk in on the stated date)

Both of you will receive special gifts for participating. (while stocks last)

Spread the love! Mark down the dates & share this unique experience!

* This event is only open to FANS of the Salabianca Facebook fanpage ages 15 and above.
Facilities will be available for non-fans to join on the spot at the event venue.
Sponsored prizes are subject to terms & conditions as stipulated by participating sponsors.
For more info visit us on Facebook and become a fan of salabianca.

Click here to be Salabianca Facebook fans !

p/s: I won't be going you girls, have fun ya ! Just check my calendar, I should be in Guangzhou or Shangai shopping

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