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Hi everybody,

We're getting closer and closer to the weekend but it feels like I have a lot of things to do. Lately, I've been into the new Rimmel London products. This is my second post of the week featuring Rimmel (the first one is here.) Although summer is not officially here yet, I feel the urge to apply colorful makeup and have fun with it. The new Rimmel London eyeshadow singles and blush trios are really pigmented and affordable. I pair them with NYC Iced Orchid to amp up the colorful factor without making it look tacky.

Posh Peacock FOTD
What I used: Rimmel London Glameyes in Posh Peacock and Midnight Jewel, blush in Autumn Catwalk, NYC liquid lip shine in Iced Orchid, gold Wet n Wild eyeliner, Art Deco eyeshadow primer, CoverGirl Volume Exact mascara, MAC Studio Finish concealer and Blacktrack Fluidline, Formula D minerals foundation, The Ultimate Powder, and a variety of makeup brushes.


  • Applying ArtDeco eyeshadow primer to your eyelid to ensure better adherence and staying power
  • Using ELF eyeshadow brush, apply Posh Peacock to the eyelid, fanning up and out toward the temple
should look something like this
  •  Using EcoTools crease brush, blend Posh Peacock up and out. This eyeshadow is very pigmented, you don't need to pick up any extra colors, just blend.
  • Using ELF blending brush (the slanted one), apply Midnight Jewel close to the lash line and smudge it up slightly.
  • With a slanted eyeliner brush, apply Blacktrack close to your lashes, wing out for a cat eye look (tutorial here.)
  • On the lower lash line, apply the gold eyeliner for an extra spark.
  • Curl your eyelashes and apply 2 coats of CG Volume Exact.
  • Apply The Ultimate Powder to your face using ELF Studio powder brush
  • With the same brush, apply Formula D minerals foundation
  • To set the foundation, apply The Ultimate Powder to your face again.
  • Concealer: using a concealer brush, apply Studio Finish concealer to the dark circle area, use a small fluffy brush to apply The Ultimate Powder and set the concealer.
  • Blush: with a blush brush, lightly pick up Autumn Catwalk and apply it to your cheeks. Remember to use a light hand, this is a highly pigmented blush.
  • Apply Iced Orchid to your lips and voila, you're done!
Haha, the nail polish on that finger actually matched the lipstick!

Peace, y'all!
Copy Cat

And his name is not Mr. Belly!

Last night, I browsed the internet before going to sleep and bumped into a website that has been posting my stuff without my permission since last November. Yes, I'm talking about you, HiKool.com! This is not cool, man! Not only did they copy my reviews, they also reposted my FOTDs and Mr. Belly's post. In some of the posts, they edited out my legal disclaimers.

I tried to submit a complaint in their "Contact Us" section but every time I did so, the next page has this message, "You do NOT do that!" What? You copy my stuff and don't want me to complain?

So, I left a message in their most recent post and see how it goes. If they don't remove all of my posts, I will file a DMCA complaint. I am not kidding, y'all! I will do it. Remember, bloggers have all the rights to the materials they've ever posted. To copy and repost without permission and giving proper credits to the originator is a violation to copyright. We bloggers are protected by the law, not the copycats.

Also, for those who have been subscribing via email, starting from today, you are going to get a teaser of my posts in your mail. I guess it's the best way to get you interested in what I post without making it too easy for people to copy my material. I hope you'll understand.


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