Clair Nice 'n Easy 131 Rich Dark Brown + Incoco teaser + new family member + books

I finally dyed my hair Thursday after having skipped a month, because my roots weren't that obvious (I noticed, but not others).

So here's my hair before:

Even after 2 months, you can't see my roots that much. Maybe I will start skipping a month - it can only be good for my hair.

Clair Nice 'n Easy 131 Rich Dark Brown

I never realized, but this shade is actually designed for dark hair. I wish they would make a purple-burgundy hair dye designed for dark hair, because that color just won't show up on my hair - except if I bleach it, which causes it to turn orange in two weeks -_-

Waiting time (around 25 minutes):

I look like a goblin xD

I like to twist my hair up so that the dye doesn't stain my tee or neck. I also try to not put dye on my ends to prevent them from frying.

Final result:

excuse my swollen eye, I think I have allergies or something -_-

It looks almost black when I'm inside, but the sun makes it appear more brown.

Balou looked at me during the whole process (=

In my last post, I showed you the package I received as a member of the Super Shimz Program from (you can read more on how to become a Super Shimz here). I have applied the French Manicure appliqués, and I wanted to share with you a teaser picture of my upcoming review:

I want to test drive them to see if they really last up to 14 days (which I highly doubt because I can already see some chips), so it's a little too soon to write an honest review. I will have to keep you waiting a little longer =P

I went to the pet store yesterday and I came home with this little one:

I was looking for a rat similar to Dorothé (white and beige fur) but there wasn't any so I went for this cute guy with white and grey fur. He is super cute with his big ears! He is around 4 months old. 

This picture was taken when he arrived home - I meant to not activate the flash to not scare him even more, but I actived it by mistake -_- You can see that he is all tense from the car trip... poor little thing. At least he doesn't always hide in his box, but he is still a little nervous when we are around.

I went to the library with my mother today because I nearly ran out of books. I'm already at the half of the last of the three Vampire Diaires book, so I needed some backup!

Here is what I picked up:

  • If I Stay, by Gayle Forman
  • Mes amis, mes amours, mais encore?, by Agathe Hochberg
  • Shining, by Stephen King
  • Lipstick Jungle, Candace Bushnell
  • Scarlet, si possible, by Katheinre Pancol
  • Shopaholic and Sister, by Sophie Kinsella
  • Size 14 Is Not Fat Either, by Meg Cabot

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