A Look Worth Doing Twice

Hi everybody,

Last weekend, I cried my eyeballs out. You see, I made a huge mistake of watching "The Time Traveler's Wife", thinking it was a light-hearted chick flick. No ma'am, it anything but a chick flick that you can watch and forget. This movie is actually very thought provoking. Also, it's a tear jerker.

While watching the movie, I could not get my head out of the fact that Rachel McAdams's makeup is really awesome in that movie. She wore mostly neutrals for both her clothes and makeup, yet she looked so fabulous.
DVD cover of "The Time Traveler's Wife" (Source)
And I wanted to copy her look on the DVD cover so bad! Let's see how I did:

My first attempt. Romantic or dramatic?

Stuff I used:
Eyes: MAC Bare Canvas paint pot (not shown), Aura Science Hazel Brown eyeshadow, MAC Amber Lights e/s, Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush chubby eye stick in Bronzilliant, Essence long lasting Espresso eyeliner, MAC 217 and 219 brushes.
Face: The Ultimate Powder, Formula D foundation, Pupa Luminys baked blush #04, MAC NW20 concealer and concealer brush.
Lips: Deborah lipstick #800, MAC Sock Hop lip gloss, Wet n Wild lip liner #666, lip liner brush.

Quick note: Aura Science is a discontinued makeup line from Victoria's Secret. Hazel Brown is a dark chocolate brown eyeshadow with a hint of green. Since you can't get this color anymore, please replace it with MAC Espresso.

This is my first attempt to copy Clare's look (Clare is the time traveler's wife for those who haven't read the book/watched the movie.) It is a very clean look with lots of dark brown eyeliner and eyeshadow around the eye with a hint of peach above the crease. Rachel McAdams also has deep set eyes, which makes things a bit easier for me to figure this look out.

My first attempt is obviously too dramatic. It would be a better look for the night. I chose Amber Lights as the complement color and it works, albeit turning the brown eyeshadow green if I'm not too careful.

A quick rundown:

  • MAC Bare Canvas as a primer, Bronzilliant on the eyelid as a secondary primer, Hazel Brown over Bronzilliant with the sponge applicator, Amber Lights on the crease with MAC 219 pencil brush and blend with 217 blending brush.
  • Lower lash line: Bronzilliant and Hazel Brown
  • Line the eyes all over with Essence long lasting eyeliner in Espresso
  • Mascara-ed with Rimmel London Flash Volume Lash.

The whole face, shininess courtesy of the scorchy Floridian temperature!
Lips and cheeks: you already know what I used :)
An attempt to look dreamy
While this is a good look, it's not a copy of Clare's look. However, it's worth documenting for future preferences. I think it's a good look for the night. How about you?

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