Poor little thing...

My mother and my sister-in-law found a stray baby kitten in the cedars around our house yesterday night. They heard her crying and they saw she was alone, but they decided to wait until the morning to bring her inside the house, just in case her mother would came back... but she didn't.

I woke up to cat's meow and my father mentioning "SPCA", so I ran upstairs and saw this little one in my little brother's arms. My father hates animals and he wanted us to drop the kitten at the SPCA! No way! I would never give any animal to those... stupid people who claim to protect animals but then kill them if they aren't sold in like, 2 weeks!

My mother, my little brother and my sister-in-law fed the kitten with a syringe containing milk and to our relief, she understood how it works and ate!

I spent most of the day with the kitten in my arms or on my thighs, wrapped in a towel to keep her warm.

I called Sara to tell her about the little cat, and she came to see her. She said she would bring her home when her pregnant cat would give birth, so that her cat would mistake the stray kitten for one of her babies.

To my great surprise, Balou happily welcomed the kitten! Usually, he absolutely doesn't care about other animals like my rat or my gerbil - he would just turn his head away without even smelling them! But when we showed him the kitten, he let her lay into his fur and he acted like a mother. That was super cute!

Those are Sara's leg and arm in the pictures =P

My mother and I prepared a comfy bed for the kitten in a shoe box with a warm towel, but the second we put her in it, she cries and begs us to keep her in our arms, so I ended up sleeping with her in my bed last night because she would still not fall asleep in her box by 2 AM!

I hope she will let me go to school this aternoon! I can't resist her sad eyes when I put her in her box...

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