Good Find: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro Nail Polish in Steel Grey

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How are you doing? Yesterday, I took time off to do some sleuthing on my own. Lately, a nude grey nail polish has driving me nuts, especially after I saw Angelina Jolie wearing it on the red carpet. Now, those who have followed my blog for a while know how close I live to Target (walking distance, y'all!) After a bit of picking, I found two eligible candidates: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Commander in Chic and Rimmel London Long Lasting Finish Pro in Steel Grey.

(L-R): Commander in Chic and Steel Grey
Nail polishes with respective finger swatch. Commander in Chic on the left and Steel Grey on the right.

I applied a coat of Commander in Chic and two coats of Steel Grey. And then, I realized these colors are identical! I did two coats of Commander in Chic and two coats of Steel Grey before and they look exactly the same. You can hardly see the difference.

Even the brushes look similar, although the Sally Hansen one is more pointed
Juice-wise, the Sally Hansen one goes smoother. I find the Rimmel one to be a bit inconsistent: the bottle I swatch is quite thin but the one I bought is rather thick. The brush from Sally Hansen is a lot better: I got no vertical lines whatsoever. It glides as smooth as silk. The one in Rimmel is rather clumsy and does not pick and spread colors very well.

However, judging of the result, I have to give it to Steel Grey from Rimmel. The shine is fierce! I find the application process a lot less messy, thanks to the tapered brush. Also, it is a lot quicker. A word of warning: this nail polish dries very quickly so make sure you work with it fast.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro in Steel Grey
In the end, I picked Steel Grey. When it comes down to purchase decision, numbers make a difference: a bottle Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure costs $6.50 at Target while a bottle of Rimmel London costs $2.99! Also, I got a $2 off store coupon so I ended up paying 99 cents plus tax! And look at how shiny my nails are. I just put a quick dry top coat (also from Rimmel) and that's it.

Extra play: I applied Essie Matte about You on my pointing finger. And nope, that was no nail art on the ring finger, y'all! I added a layer of My Makeup Blog's logo :)
I guess the mattifying nail polish is not my thing. It makes the color look weird. I prefer my nail polish to be shiny and smooth.

Last but not least: while I bought the Rimmel London nail polish, I have high regards for the new Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line. It reminds me a lot of OPI nail polishes back in the day because it goes very smooth. If I have more money to fling around at nail polishes, I would have bought Commander in Chic. The color is lovely and you can't beat that brush. Even I, the one with 2 left hands when it comes to painting my fingers, can work that brush without making a mess.

And now, a disclaimer for FTC et. al.: I bought this stuff with a coupon. It's a nice color, Angelina Jolie wore something like this and I bet other celebrities did, too. For more information regarding My Makeup Blog's disclosure policy, click here.


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