Hit or Miss: Maybelline New York EyeStudio

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I love love love baked mineral makeup. I can't get enough of them but the thing is sometimes them baked goodies contain bismuth oxychloride. And you know how much my skin like bismuth oxychloride. Right, I'm being sarcastic here. If that ingredient touches my skin, I am going to scratch it raw. Yup, I'm one of the lucky people who have skin allergic reaction to bismuth oxychloride.

That's how MAC mineralize products are out of my list. And it's an agony because I really love them. When Maybelline New York released their new EyeStudio products, I was excited! The stuff really looks a lot like MAC mineralize eyeshadow duos but it's a whole arm and a leg cheaper. Despite the whole Asian eye controversy back in February, I decided to buy the stuff.

What I bought: Maybelline New York EyeStudio in Carbon Frost

Look how lovely it is? Is it a hit or a miss? Find out after the jump!

First of all, if you think you can get only 2 colors out of this product, please think again. You actually can get up to 8 colors when mixing them together. Here's what I did:

Different colors coming from the duo
You can use the colors individually or mix them together along the edges to create same-different colors. And I have to give it to the Maybelline team for making affordable, pigmented, and silky products. Unlike MAC mineralize eye shadows, you don't see fall outs from this product at all. It's really silky and glides effortlessly on your skin. I made a quick smokey eyed look out of this duo and it looked quite smashing.

However, here comes the biggest uh-oh of all:

It's called "Burn, baby, burn!" About five minutes after I finished applying the eye shadows on top of my MAC paint pot, I started to feel a tingling sensation. Since I lined the dark color on the lower lash line, my eyes started to itch. The itch eventually turned into a slow burn and by the time I ran to the bathroom to remove the eye shadows, my eyelids turned into a flaming shade of pinkish red!

Yes, it's the stuff made for horror movie. The skin on my wrist also itched but it was not as intense, probably since the skin there is thicker. Needless to say, I was angry because I thought to finally get a nice mineralize product for cheap at the drugstore. Instead, I got burned literarily and figuratively. Nice move, huh?

To conclude: yes, it's a nice and affordable product but it gave me the worst bismuth oxychloride burn I've ever had. Needless to say, I returned the stuff and vowed not to buy it again. I also found out the eyeshadow quad also has bismuth oxychloride. To me, "Maybe she's born with it, but definitely her eyeshadow is not Maybelline!"

And now, a word for FTC et. al.: I bought this product, it didn't work. I posted it here to warn my fellow makeup addicts who are also allergic to bismuth oxychloride. For more information regarding My Makeup Blog's disclosure policy, please click here.

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