Review: Annabelle Zebra Bronzing Pressed Powder

Price: $10.95 for 10.7 g

The claims: 
Annabelle Cosmetics offers you a golden item this summer by launching its new Zebra Bronzing Pressed Powder - Haute Gold. A fast favorite, makeup junkies have not stopped asking for more of it since it was previously offered as a limited-edition item in 2008 and 2009. Now they can benefit from the warmth of its splendid golden rays all year round! 

This magnificent Zebra Bronzing Pressed Powder sports the animal's original print in a variation of golden strips this time. Light-textured and luminous, this oil-free shimmery powder is suitable for all skin type. It creates a natural glow of summertime tan and sheds a soft amber light on any skin tone. 

Shed a little light on your look with the best bronze and golden shades to enhance that summer glow… or fake it! The Zebra bronzing powder compact provides a perfect balance of shades to create the natural glow of a summertime tan.

How to use:
For guaranteed sun-kissed results, the Zebra Bronzing Pressed Powder is best applied with the Annabelle A-13 Makeup Pro Powder Brush, which promises a natural and translucent application. Locally powdered on cheeks, following the hairline on the forehead, then ultra-lightly on the nose bone and chin; they'll think you just got back from a few days' vacation... day after day! A few light touches on the legs will also give them that summer glamorous pin-up shine!


  • light-textured
  • easily buildable
  • really pigmented
  • won't make you look orange
  • contains very subtle shimmers for the perfect radiance and sheen (not overly glittery)
  • delivers the perfect coverage as it's easily buildable
  • great packaging for a drugstore product (loving the stripes!)
  • the variation of golden strips makes it perfect for any skin tone

  • looks super shimmery in the packaging (I didn't buy it the first time I saw it just because of that!)
  • as it's so pigmented, it's easy to overdo it
  • only one shade available

What I think:
This might be the best bronzer I've tried so far. The most common problems I face when it comes to bronzer is shimmers: there's always too much! I mean, I don't want to look like a discoball, I want to look tan! As I mentionned in the "cons", the first time I saw this bronzer at one of the Marcelle Warehouse Sale, I walked by it without even swatching it because it looked too shimmery in the compact. But when I received it by mail, I swatched it and I was like "OMG!" This is the perfect shade... and it's not even shimmery! Even if I'm fair, this bronzer gives a natural glow to my face without overdoing it. However, I have to be careful because this bronzer is extremely pigmented, but it's not really a problem because it's a pressed powder. Not to mention that the A-13 Makeup pro Brush makes it super easy to control the quantity of product you want. 


And here are some pictures from previous FOTDs I've achieved with the Zebra Bronzing Pressed Powder:

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FOTD of today.

Haute Gold

Recommend? yes


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes, and the fact that it was free absolutely does not influence my opinion.

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