Price report for ESSIE, Nailtek, Nubar, Barbicide Anniversary Sale 80% off

Last Wednesday a reader went to the ESSIE, Nailtek, Nubar, Barbicide Anniversary Sale and I cant make it because it was pouring heavily in KL. And she was so kind to help me to get "some" stuffs, take pictures, send the details & pictures to me for blogging :)

Pictures time !

(Above is Discontinued Essie colors full size RM18 each) - Limited colors availablw

Essie nail colors (those still available in market) in full size : RM28 (50% of ori)
(Got many colors available there)

Essie Mini size : RM10

Above is full size of Essie Wedding Set. Inside got 6 full size colors = RM168 (after disc)

Available also at the sale is the collection in mini size.

Wedding Collection & Resort Collection available at the sale in mini size, like mine below
(Not sure still available in the store, but at the counter already gone)

RM39.90 (Normal price: RM79.90)

Nubar discontinued colors RM18 each

My friend said the nail polish are old and inside the color & oil are separated, take note.

My total haul !

This is NailTek Manicure Fast Dry Kit RM99 comes with 5 items, damn worth

Nailtek kit foundation (base), quicken (top), speed drops, mini crystal file and Step One which is a pre-manicure treatment.

( If not mistaken, left 3 sets and my friend bought it all for us.)

The Crystal Nail Buffer alone (pink one above) like the one I bought in the expo here.

Normal Price (NP) for the standard size is RM120 before less 40%
The mini ones is RM69.90 - before less 40%

This is the Resort Collection

Rm39.90 for 4 minis

This is the Wedding Collection

Rm39.90 for 4 minis

p/s: I will be trying to put on the pink one for my best friend's wedding this Saturday. Her theme is Pink.So I got pink dress, pink heels, flower tote, pink hair band and now pink nails to match!

3d flower nail stickers

RM2 only - NP RM12 (Left 5, all my friend grabbed.So no more in the sale.)

Other items
Essie nail remover 470ml = RM89 before less 70% - last bottle

Also got Gift with purchase!

Buy 10 minis nail polish to get 5 mini top coat / base for FREE!!!!
(not applicable those from mini sets)

Parking for 1st 2 hour is RM2

So hurry up, click here to check the details of the warehouse !

Call them before going ya.. to make sure items/colors that you want still available.

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