Victoria's Secret Island Escape Sheer Fragrance Mist: Vacation in a Bottle

Hi everybody,

How was your weekend? Mine included rain, rain, and more rain. Therefore, the plan to go to the beach was pretty much done. Also, the spilled oil in the Gulf area made it hard to enjoy the beach these days. I wonder how St. George Island is doing these days.

To substitute for the lack of chillaxing, I've put Victoria's Secret Island Escape sheer fragrance mist in heavy use these days. This is a part of Victoria's Secret's new Secret Moments body care line. It is a warm exotic sugary scent that reminds me so much of what's going on after a trip to the beach. This was billed as a "beachy coconut and sugar cane" scent and it does just that.

Victoria's Secret Island Escape sheer fragrance mist
This scent is really uncomplicated: it's just sweet and yummy, veering more toward vanilla with a tiny touch of coconut. It's not so much of a coconut scent to make it a gourmand fragrance though, it's just enough to make Island Escape smell like a vacation in a bottle.

The sides of the bottle have the words "Victoria's Secret" edged along
The bottle is simple, yet elegant. I love the contrast of pale blue liquid and hot pink spraying straw (what does that thing called again?) At first, I wanted to get Room 504, which is a sexy date night kind of scent. However, I realized I have a whole bunch of similar scents at home. Dream Angels Desire has the same vibe as Room 504. Island Escape peaked my interest enough for me to pick it up. However, when I came home, I realized I have similar scents, too!

  • Body Fantasies Vanilla Fantasy: for real, this one comes pretty close. Except for the slight coconut touch that Island Escape has, it smells almost the same to Vanilla Fantasy.
  • Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods: this one has the warmth similar to Island Escape. If you dilute a bit of Twilight Woods to Vanilla Fantasy, you may come with something close to Island Escape. However, the mixture may be really sweet.
What I'm reading: The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova
"Why did you put the body mist on top of the book?", you may ask. Well, my dear, it's a loaner. And if you have ever borrowed books from the public library, chances are you may bump into a book that reeks of cigarette one day. This book even has some cigarette stains in some couple pages. I love the book enough to continue reading it and I can only do it with the aid of Island Escape. This spray is sheer enough to partly deodorize it without staining the pages. So far, it smells like vanilla mixed with a bit of cigarette. Kinda like a stronger MAC MVIII, which is not so bad after all. (Although I'm afraid of second-hand smoke, so I read it as fast as I can!)

In conclusion, this is a nice summery scent that is not too cloying, annoying, or overly gourmand. Those who enjoy vanilla fragrances may find this scent enjoyable. At $12 USD a pop, it is decent for both price and lasting power. Also, it makes a good book deodorizer :)

Disclaimer for FTC et. al.: I bought this product from my own pocket. For more information regarding My Makeup Blog's disclaimer policy, click here.


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