Belly at Large: Take a Bow

'Sup home boys and girls?

It's your home kitty Belly again. No, don't even try to call me that. "Home Kitty" is strictly reserved for the mamarazzi. She gave me a whole bunch o' nicknames beside "Home Kitty" and "el Gato Supremo". The later I like, makes me feel powerful and stuff. But let's not talk about my nicknames today, ok? Because I have something to show you.

It's bow day! Do you like my bandana bow? Well, the mamarazzi made it :)
She has danger in her eyes. Who is she?
Mwhahahaha! You don't think I'm not gonna post this picture, don't you? Love the smokey eyes, though. So don't cut me off, ok?

Hahaha! In yo' face, a bow in yo' face!
 I have to admit, the mamarazzi is acting stranger and stranger. I hope the raccoon that infested my tummy left her alone.

To infinity and beyond!
 Oh no! Not Whatshisface, too! The whole house caught bow fever already. What's the cure?

Make more bandana bows *grin* Instruction from la Cheesie, I wonder if she can give me a piece of her cheese.

Health update:

Thank you for all the comments from my previous post. I'm feeling a lot better now. However, the mamarazzi put me on a strict diet (Dao: no, he di-dn't!) See, she watched this thing on TV about obese pets and she was afraid I would be obese as well. The thing is, I'm big bone. Like, really big bone. I'm not kidding, the vet assistant thought I was a bob cat or something. I'm that big. But I may never get my keg belly back again. I have to learn to love my flatten body and it's hard, y'all! I don't know how runway models can live, especially when it's cold outside.

Newest picture of moi, taken by la mamarazzi
She did her makeup and it took forever. Since I can't hurry her, I decided to take a nap anyways. I love napping!
Friday Trivia: watch the video below and tell me if you see anything strange, ok?

Did you see it? Or more correctly, did you hear it? Clue: what did Jackie Chan say to Jaden Smith?

Answer: I will teach you Kung-fu.

And what's the title of this movie again? "The Karate Kid"!!! And it's a remake, man! They didn't get the title right the first time, why do they have to change it now? Besides, Kung-fu and Karate are similar, right?

Wrong, absolutely wrong! But I'll probably use my invisible cloak and hitch a ride to the movie theater to watch it, though. I like that lil' cat Jaden Smith. He can absolutely cry in that movie with his dad. What's it called again? "The Pursuit of Happyness".

Also, Dao, I mean, mommy! Can I haz this pet hat pleez? I promise I won't chew on your book *big fat puppy eyes*

Love, peace, and tuna fish,
Mr. Belly, aka el Gato Supremo

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