Revlon Forbidden Lip Stain and Leslie Tyler Mint Cherry Lip Gloss Create a Vampy Lip Look

Hi everyone,

Sometimes, you have two perfectly fine lip products that you have never thought of combining together. In my case, I have Revlon Just Bitten lip stain and balm in Forbidden and Leslie Tyler lip gloss in Mint Cherry. Both are swell products by themselves until one day I decided to layer them. And BAM! I got a vampy lip look that probably makes Vampire Edward Louis look a whole lot sexier. Not like Brad Pitt needed it or anything. He was already muy sexy during the "Interview with the Vampire" era.

(Top-bottom): Revlon Just Bittlen lip stain and balm in Forbidden and Leslie Tyler lip gloss in Mint Cherry
 Wanna know what I think about these products and how to create a vampy lip look? Jump!
1. Revlon Lip stain and Balm in Forbidden

The felt tip looks a lot like that of CoverGirl Outlast lip stain
 At first, I wondered how Revlon created a moisturizing lip stain. I was disappointed to see the same design in CG Outlast lip stain, which came out before the stain craze began. The formula is quite similar to that in the CG stain, ie water-base product that's quite pigmented.

However, once I flipped to the other end and opened the small cap, a small white cap revealed. "Ah, the balm!" I said. While you can use the stain as-is, applying the balm on top will make it a lot more comfortable, yet not overly done. The balm adds some moisturizing properties without making it look too shiny.

The balm end
Simple solution that solves the drying problem a lot of lip stains have.
Revlon Forbidden lip stain on its own
and with the lip balm
Forbidden is a dark maroon that is very wearable during the night time. The stain lasted well into the night and I did not feel like wearing anything on my lips. Once the balm wore off, I simply applied more lip balm on top. Since it's a big crayon-type lip product, I prefer to use my own lip balm instead of carrying the whole tube of Just Bitten stain with me.

However, since it is not a long wearing product, this lip balm is going to fade from the center of your lips out to give a weird ring around your mouth. This only happened when I wore it waaay into the night. In order to remove it, I had to use Clinique Take the Day Off makeup remover as the staining power is quite strong.

2. Leslie Tyler Hint of Mint in Mint Cherry

This photo had no purpose other than showing the label and Canon G12's prowess
Back in the day, I had to take a bazillion photos just to have one shot with these two words legible. However, I only needed 1 shot with the G12 and look the blurred background. So bokeh-licious!
The wand
Lip swatch with Mint Cherry
 I really enjoy this lip balm and I wanted to do a write-up but life got in the way. As I was doing some research about Leslie Tyler Cosmetics, I found out the website is already suspended (!) Leslie Tyler Fink, the owner of the company, is a socialite who used to train Chanel makeup artists. According to many beauty sites and blogs, the price of the Hint of Mint lip glosses is $12 a pop, which is reasonable since the size of the lip gloss is quite generous.

Mint Cherry is a glossy red lip gloss that has a minty scent. It gives my lips a nice swell without the burning sensation thanks to spearmint as an ingredient. It is tasteless and according to many other blogs, Mint Cherry is the most pigmented color of the bunch.

And now, how to get a vampy lip look:

First, gently exfoliate your lips with honey-sugar-olive oil mix and rinse off with water. Then apply Forbidden lip stain on top of your freshly scrubbed lips. If you prefer a more moist feeling, feel free to apply the lip balm in the Just Bitten stain and balm duo. Then, finish it off with Mint Cherry (or any patent glossy red lip gloss that you have.)

And here is the result
Me sans makeup, except for the lip combo
If you decide to go with a dramatic lip look, please go easy on the eye makeup. A little bit of Stila Kitten on your lids, some eyeliner, and mascara are all you need.

This is my signature vampy lip look. How about yours? Please tell me in the comment section, ok?

Disclaimer: Revlon Just Bitten lip stain and balm in Forbidden was purchased by me for my own usage and reviewing purposes. Leslie Tyler Hint of Mint lip gloss in Mint Cherry was provided for PR purposes. The review, opinions, and tutorials are mine and came from my own experiences with these products.

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