The Body Wrap Sensation

                                            Historically speaking, body wraps provided different ceremonial functions in many ancient cultures. In the most recent century, they returned to the world as an effective weight loss treatment. Today, body wraps have a host of uses, from deep relaxation to detoxifying the body.
              Body wraps are a staple at top end spas. During the treatment, your body is covered with penetrating substances, such as mud, clay, kelp or mineralized oils. The application is then wrapped up snugly by soft canvas, plastic or other materials to form a tight shield around the body. Once you are wrapped, the closeness of the wrap promotes the body's natural perspiration, which will open the pores and force out toxins while absorbing the nutrients and minerals covering the skin.
              Traditionally used as a weight loss tool, this type of wrap can often break up fatty deposits as well as generously reduce water retention. After a thirty to forty minute treatment, it is not uncommon for a person to have several inches reduced from their waist and belly due to the expulsion of excess water.
               As a relaxation method, wraps can offer a cozy reprieve, much like a cocoon. Scented oils can be used to enhance the experience as your body is left to melt away unwanted toxins. The treatments have also gained popularity for anti-aging purposes.
Depending on the type of application you choose, your body will absorb much needed minerals and nutrients from things like sea kelp or sea mud. For extremely dry skin, a hydrating experience can be found with many applications that offer rich hydration and help restore the body's natural moisture balance.
              Body wraps are often used in therapeutic practices, because of their simple effectiveness, as well as the promotion of stress reduction. While the compounds vary depending on the treatment, it's safe to say that almost anyone can reap the benefits of a quality body wrap application.
                Whether you're looking to detoxify, shed some weight or simply unwind and relax, a body wrap makes a perfect thirty minute getaway from the outside world.

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