The Juno Co. Has TWO Great Promotions Going On Right Now!

First, on the Juno Baby Facebook Page, they are doing a giveaway everyday. The prizes vary from CDs to DVDs. And I won a Juno doll today! Here's what you have to do: Go to their Facebook page each day and after they open the contest that day, write a few lyrics based on the letter of the day. Tomorrow they will be up to letter "L" and each day they will move to the next letter until they get to "Z". The idea is to make sure you name someone special to you. Here are a few of the winners' from earlier in the alphabet:

Excitement throughout my day, 
watching my child's Education grow in Every way. 
My daughters sing and dance to JUNO Every day, 
it Enriches my life with watching her smile, 
sometime it stretches Even a mile, 
it never stops unless she forgets her friends. 
I won't forget BUZZ because that would not be funny..
~ Jason S. 
D is for Daddy, who calls out each night

"Dance party in Levi's room!", where we turn out the light.

Then dance in the dark to music with a beat,

Waving flashlights and glow worms while moving our feet.
~ April B.
__________________________________________________________________________ for Justin, 
who jumps, jiggles, and jives.

He's always on his toes... 
he makes us feel alive!
~ MINE!!!
The second promotion is a chance to get 60% off your order!!! Here's how to get your discount:
OH NO! Indie has lost his Teddy! But you can Join and help Indie's Great Teddy Bear Hunt by going to the JunoCompany site and finding Indie's Teddy. The REWARD is up to 60% off. Bring Teddy back home please. Look on all the pages cause you never know where Teddy is hiding!
This is to go with their Juno Baby DVD, "Indie's Great Teddy Bear Hunt". I had a great time looking for the bear with Little Guy's help. We got to check out the entire site, see what products they have available, learn about those who work at the company, the founding of the company... Hey, did you know they have free printable coloring pages?! I do now! For each bear you find, you'll get 10% off, so you can stop looking after one, two, three, etc. bears depending on the time you have and how much you want to save. I can't wait to get a new Juno Baby DVD for Little Guy (oh, and my oldest like Juno, too! He's always putting in our "Way to Go, Juno" DVD whenever he's watching the little one.)

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