How Do You Get Your Family to Eat Healthier? {}

It's a question I keep seeing over and over on blog posts, Facebook statuses, and Tweets. People just don't quite know how to encourage their spouses and children to choose healthy snacks. I really don't have this problem. Maybe I'm lucky, but I think it has a little more to do with how I shop.

Two years ago, we were just like the average American household. We had a few bags of chips on the shelf, ice cream in the freezer, cans of pop and pudding cups in the refrigerator, and cookies in the cupboard. My oldest was lethargic all of the time, my husband was having problems with nausea and heartburn, and I was tired all of the time.

The change came when little guy started eating solid foods. Now, I am one of those people who researches stuff - relentlessly. I don't just look for one or two opinions on message boards. I go for the real stuff - peer-reviewed research. And I look for all kinds of research articles - both the pros and cons of everything. So, when I did my research, I really did it!

I found that there were easy ways to incorporate treats in our diets, yet stay healthy doing it. I replaced the potato chips with baked tortilla chips and shredded cheese. The we now have granola bars instead of cookies. The pop has been struck off of my shopping list and I now buy green tea and 100% fruit juices. And my best stand-in has been yogurt. Instead if ice cream, we now have tubes of Go-Gurt in our freezer. Everyone prefers it over ice cream, even! And that pudding is gone and we have Yoplait Delights, Whips!, and Original in our fridge.

And now there's Yoplait Kids! It is low in added sugar and is a great source of vitamin D, calcium, & protein. Both of my guys love the Strawberry. It's gone as soon as I buy it! I want to complain, but how can I have a problem with them actually opting for the good-for-you snack??? It's just too easy to grab a container of yogurt and a spoon and satisfy that sweet tooth.

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