Food in Vietnam, part 3: Food for the Masses

Hello there, dear readers!

Another day, another food post. Since I've accumulated enough pictures of food in various occasions, I decided to do another food post today. I've been enjoying too much good food since I came back and they are so delicious that sometimes I forgot to take pictures. I know, my bad. But I guarantee this post is packed with pictures of the yummiest food I remembered to take some snapshots. I hope y'all enjoy it!

First stop: nem nuong (grilled meat)
It is eaten with banh hoi (a kind of tiny noodles in sheet form), various herbs, lettuce, and sweet and sour fish sauce
Banh xeo (happy pancakes) made by moi :)
A close-up picture at the pancakes. I made it with shrimps and chicken :)
For more info about banh xeo, click here
 A lot more pictures of yummy food ahead. Jump!

Goi (Vietnamese-style salad)
This is not your typical Western salad with lettuce. The Vietnamese salad is made with shredded cabbage, onion(s), and carrots. Sometimes, it's even made with lotus stems, which is a delicacy. The protein part can be chicken, pork, and/or shrimps. My mom made this salad with shredded cabbage, carrots, and onions with shredded chicken.
The salad is eaten with prawn crackers (white things on the left): you take a cracker, add a bit of salad, and drizzle a bit of sweet and sour fish sauce. Then, take a bite. The crunchiness of the crackers and vegetables explodes in your mouth.
The crackers can be eaten by itself. It's a favorite snack for kids, albeit being quite fatty since the crackers are deep fried in oil.
Egg rolls with dipping sauce
I rolled and fried these bad boys myself!
Last but not least: tofu with lemon grass fillings for the vegans/vegetarians
Many food bloggers put this on their hit-list when they visit Vietnam. The lemon grass fragrance combined with hot chili peppers and fresh tofu make a killing combo. I simply can't have enough of this. 
Of all the pictures taken in this entry, the last one his the hardest to capture. It was mind boggling to make a block of tofu surrounded with lemon grass look appealing. Hello, it's a block of tofu! It cannot pose! The great pictures in this post are the result of the awesomeness of Canon G12. I can't praise this camera enough and I guess sooner or later, I need to write a post about it. Yes, the G12 is that awesome!

I hope you are happy with today's post. I sincerely apologize if it makes you hungry. Also, last but not least, Belly and I are very touched at the amount of support you guys had shown during our last post. We hope you will continue to support and pray for Japan.

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