Review: hairfreé Hair Brushes

Flat Brush: $9.95 + $3.25 shipping/handling
Round Brush: $15.95 + $3.75 shipping/handling
Both brushes: $18.95 + $4.75 shipping/handling (best deal)

What is hairfreé?
hairfreé brushes are unlike any other styling brushes on the market today. hairfreé brushes are very versatile, in that, no matter your ethnicity or the type of hair you have, be it fine, thick, curly or straight hair hairfreé brushes work well.  hairfreé brushes can be used as, a regular styling brush or a vent brush.

Why hairfreé?
Most blow dryers reach a top heat of about 175 degree while the heat generated from a flat/curling iron starts at about 200 degrees and can reach a top heat of upwards to 450 degrees, depending on the make and model.

For years women have been using flat/curling iron to style their hair. Why? Because for years it was thought to be the best/only way to create a sleek shiny sexy hair style was/is to use high heat. Based on this school of thought and no viable alternative women had no choice but to use that flat/curling iron all the while damaging ones hair in the process with all that heat.  That was before hairfreé.

The claims:
hairfreé with its ceramic coated plates is making use of the most current hair drying technology and methods. Some of the benefits associated with Ceramic technology includes:
  • Creating a smooth and polished effect with added natural shine
  • Aids against static build-up.
  • Whilst drying the hair the heat is equally distributed for fast and effective styling.
  • Hair straightening or curling. 

I was given the two brushes to try out and review.

 The Flat Brush

It is equipped with a cheap and not so useful mirror on the back.

 The Round Brush

What makes hairfreé special is also its cleaning system. Both brushes are equipped with a handle push the ceramic plates away from the "body" of the brush, making it easy to grab the unwanted hair.

With the flat brush, you push on the button on the back of the brush, and for the round brush, you simply pull the rod out. Genius, isn't it?

  • cleaning the unwanted hair is easy
  • gentler on the hair than flat/curling irons
  • inexpensive alternative to pricey flat/curling irons

  • hard bristles
  • cheap construction (plastic)
  • takes longer to get the desired style than with a flat/curling iron

What I think:
Basically, you can use the brushes as regular brushes or you can use them with a blow dryer. Personally, I wouldn't use them as everyday brushes as the bristles are quite hard and rough if you have thin or fragile hair.

For this review, I have used them to replace my flat iron. The instructions say to heat the cleaning plates for around 45 seconds to get them hot, and then you have the choice to style your hair with or without the continuous use of a blow dryer. I absolutely can't use a blow dryer and a brush at the same time, so I opted for the second option, which results in the plates cooling off after 5 minutes. Now that is quite annoying, but I guess it's the price to pay to inflict less damage to your hair.

The night before using the hairfreé brushes, I had slept on wet hair in a braid, which resulted in pretty tight curls. So I started with the flat brush. I heated the plates with the blow dryer and then brushed my hair as I would normally do. It loosened the curls and straightened my hair. Then I used the round brush to add some volume at the roots.

Let's take a look at the result:

I'm left with wavy hair and some volume. I wasn't expecting my hair to be super sleek and straight, but I have to say I'm  a little disappointed, after taking a look at the pictures from the website:

We are far from this, aren't we?

Overall, I'm not sure what to say about these brushes. For sure it's a genius idea, but I think there's a reason why we stick to our flat/curling iron, and it's because we need that much heat to achieve the look we want. I could have kept on heating the plates and continue to brush my hair for a longer time, but honestly, who have that much time to spend on their hair in the morning?

BUT, please keep in mind that this is my result without the continuous use of a blow dryer. I'm pretty sure better results can be achieved when the brushes are used with a blow dryer, as the plates won't cool off.

I will keep on using hairfreé hair brushes to see if I can come up with something better. Other than that, the cleaning system is great and makes the job effortless and quick.

Recommend? not if you plan on using them without the continuous use of a blow dryer

Want to try hairfreé hair brushes for FREE? Stay tuned for a giveaway tomorrow!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the products were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.

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