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OK, so I've been having Little Guy help me around the house a lot more since I wrote about him helping me clean the kitchen earlier this month. One of his favorite things to do is vacuum. Since there are always little crumbs all over the floor from his snacking, we have to sweep everyday. He just loves watching the little pieces of crackers and what-not get sucked into the hose.

Well, since he was doing such a great job the other night, I decided to run into the kitchen real quick to fill up my coffee cup and get him some more juice. Then I heard it - BBbrrrrrraaaaappppp!!!!! I literally dropped my coffee mug and flew into the living room. This is what I found:

I'm just glad that my husband uncharacteristically decided to clean those hose attachments the day before! I don't know why he did it - we never clean those things - but it made the shock factor of seeing this when I ran into the room a little less!

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