Belly at Large: Kitty Cousins

Hi everybody,

Since coming back to Vietnam, I miss my cat Belly dearly. To pacify my needs to hug him and call him with an assortment of nicknames, I have taken pictures of cats whenever I can. During my last trip to Ca Mau, I met this kitty at my relative's place. The cat doesn't have a name. He's just a cat.

At first, when he saw me, this cat ran away. He was a fast runner, too. However, the power of persuasion via the camera was a force to be reckoned. Soon enough, I got The Cat to pose for me:

At first, The Cat was shy. He looked at me and my camera with disbelief.
He wondered what that black thing was.
And then, he began to pose. But his career as a kitty model was cut short...
...since he began to act this way again.
 And nope, he's not a kitten. That's a fully grown Vietnamese cat. Over here, a cat is considered big if he/she is around 8 lbs. Belly the American cat weighs around 20! The Cat didn't meow at all and his fur pattern is interesting: white and stripped at the same time. I have never seen a cat like that before.

And guess whose tail this is:

Yup, it's an orange kitty cat. Actually, two of them currently live in the attic and they make awful lot of noises. Somehow, they managed to dig a hole in the wall. The material fell down while my dad was tying his shoes underneath. Luckily, he was sitting a couple of inches away from the wall. Otherwise, it could have been a nasty accident.

One interesting detail: cats in Vietnam meow differently than cats in the U.S. Maybe I was used to Belly's Southern meowing twang but his sounds are a lot softer and gentler. Cats over here just meow as if their lives depend on it.

So yes, Belly now has some kitty cousins. I wonder if they could understand each other. Belly needs to find those Rosetta Meow CDs and learn how to meow in Vietnamese :)
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