Introduction of Burberry beauty products & Swatches

Remember a while, I blogged opened the opening of Burberry Cosmetic counter in Isetan KLCC in late January. And those beauty friends who saw my message about this in facebook and twitter were so excited to know all about it ! Hehe, to be honest I am one of them too!

Anyway, last week I was one of the few lucky beauty bloggers to be invited to the attend the preview Burberry Beauty Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. Apart from playing with the colours, I also had a spring/summer makeover by their makeup artist and later took a photo shoot in their famous Burberry Trench Coat which was flown in all the way from London! Well I will blogged about this later !

Anyway this blog post will be an introduction of Burberry beauty products & swatches . More importantly will also share with you guys the the new colours launched for this Spring/Summer Collection.

The beauty counter!! Wish to transport this back to my home !!

The Burberry girl and her signature trench coat.

Burberry Beauty takes inspiration from the trench coat which is the heartbeat of Burberry, capturing its functionality, innovation, iconic style and the sentimental, protective connotations from the elements.

Burberry Cosmetics embodies all he unique emotions and personal qualities of our trench coats , it is a complete complement to Burberry girl's typical British style and individuality.

The colors will be more of warm colors that heighten natural glow and beauty. The texture will be breathable and lightweight feel on the skin.

The first impression when you see Burberry cosmetics packaging is you will have the WOW factor.. it looks pretty, luxurious and elegant looking! All their products come in their signature Burberry checkered patterns on their metallic casing. And one unique thing about their casing is , each product is custom designed with an innovative soft magnetic closure. And it's kinda fun to play with it !

Each eyeshadow/compact powder/blusher compact comes with it's own black velvet pouch which has signature Burberry plaid on the velvet in black. This was meant to give protection to the pretty & classy casing from being scratched!

Some of my favourite colors from Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow.

Like how the name suggested, indeed it is a little bit sheer but that is intended because Burberry believes in lightweight make-up that enhances natural skin tone. The texture is fine and pigmentation will show more for darker colors in the collection.

Swatches for all the 20 eye Burberry Sheer eye shadows color

Did you see the surface of the Burberry's eyeshadow has pattern plaid pressed onto it. And their blusher/compact powder/loose powder has this too!

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow is sold at RM105 for 2.5g

Burberry Lip Cover
The lipstick texture is smooth and the color is quite vibrant/pigmented. And it feels quite moisturizing on my lips.

(picture without flash)

I specifically like the Rosewood color!

(picture with flash)

(picture without flash)

Union red is really sexy !! very daring and sexy !!

(picture with flash)

(picture without flash)

(picture with flash)

With the recent release of their latest Burberry Spring/Summer Collection, they had added introduced another 3 lip color to the collection. They are Delicate Rose, English Rose and Romantic Rose.

Like the name rose suggested, the color has pinkish tone as base.

(picture without flash)

(picture with flash)

Burberry Lip Covers sold at RM96/each for 3.8g

Burberry's Lip Glow
The lip gloss focuses on giving natural glow, reflect light to create illusion of plumper and fuller lips. The color here is quite vibrant and not is not too sticky in its texture.

12 colors available

(picture without flash)

(picture with flash)

(picture without flash)

No 9 which is nude peach in color is the best seller in Malaysia since their launching day!

(picture with flash)

Burberry's Lip Glow is sold at RM89 for 6ml

Burberry Lip Definer
Lip eyeliner comes in a form of pencil, it is used it to define lip and make the lip color more long lasting. The pencil lid is smooth and color paid off quite good too.

6 colors to choose from

(I cant identify the color or number here )

(picture without flash)

(picture with flash)

Burberry's Lip Definer is sold at RM75 for 1.36g

Burberry Eye Definer
It is the pencil eyeliner that comes in a pencil form. It is waterproof and smudge proof.

(picture without flash)

(picture with flash)

Burberry's Eye Definer is sold at RM78 for 1.36g

Burberry Light Glow
One of my favourite beauty products from Burberry cosmetics. Their blusher colours are really pretty and pigmented too. Just with one swipe with my brush, I can see the colour of the blusher very clearly !

Under their existing permanent collection, Burberry has 3 blusher colours to offered , i.e Russet, Rose and Blossom. Besides the 3 new lip colours in the latest Burberry Spring/Summer 2011 Collection, another 3 blusher colours are added to the collection. The colours are Tangerine, Earthy and Misty and these colours will be added in the existing collection and will be available permanently.

(picture without flash)

The spring/summer collection blusher is Tangerine, Earthy and Misty.

p/s: Did I mentioned the Tangerine Blusher I got has a rose smelly which was discovered by my bf ! I like that sweet smell!!!

(picture with flash)

Burberry Light Glow is sold at RM140 for 7g

Burberry Warm Glow
This bronzer will gives a warm and healthy glow on one's face. Can be used as shading too.

(picture without flash)

(picture with flash)

Burberry Warm Glow is sold at RM158 for 10g

Others items available at the counter include

Burberry Effortless mascara which only comes in Black gives lengthening effect are selling at for RM108 for 4.5ml

Burbery Sheer Foundation offers 6 colors to match different skin tone. It has medium coverage and promises to give luminous finishing .

It is selling at RM165 for 3o ml

Burberry Sheer Foundation in compact which can be used dry for a sheer finish or damp for more intense coverage is selling at RM180 for 8ml.

While Burberry Sheer Powder ( loose powder) which has helps complexion to balanced, shine free and mattified with long-lasting finish are selling at RM185 for 10g

The elegant packaging for compact powder !

Burberry Cosmetic Malaysia also brought in the Kabuki brush, the brush is very soft and dense. And it is selling at RM215 each.

Above most if not all the beauty products brought in by Burberry Comsetic to Malaysia.

Have fun looking at it !!!

And do leave me a comment and tell me which is your favourite and you are looking forward to own !

Burberry Cosmetics is available at their exclusive counter in Isetan KLCC since 27 Jan 2011

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