Marie Louise Cosmetics Cleansing Clear Gel Winner

Hi everyone,

And the result is in! We have a winner for the Marie Louise Cleansing Clear Gel giveaway! After tallying all the votes and entries, I conjured the power of selection via Random.Org to choose a winner. Before that, I had to check all the entries to make sure they are legitimate and thank you for the support, you guys!

As I mentioned in the giveaway post, we have extra credits and I am glad most of you took advantage of it. With the entry equals 1 credit and each extra-curricular activity earns you another one, potentially you could earn up to 5 entries. In fact, the winner did some extra credit activities and the number fell into one of them. So, in the future, if there are extra credits in My Makeup Blog's giveaways, I hope you are going to use them.

The result from Random. Org.
Number 9 is the winner!
Congratulations, Grace!
I'm going to email you for your mailing address. Please reply within 72 hours. Otherwise, I would have to pick a replacement winner.
Again, thank you, my readers, for your support and participations. Also, I would like to thank Marie Louise Cosmetics to provide the material for this giveaway. Let's hope for more giveaways in the future, shall we?

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