My First Beauty Haul in Vietnam

Well, hello there, everyone!

A few weeks ago, I got a chance to go to Saigon Co-op Mart, a major grocery chain store in Ho Chi Minh City. To my surprise, I found a quite healthy selection of skincare and beauty products available there. My mom and I bought a few of them to use. Until I got home, I didn't realize this was my first beauty/skincare haul since I came back to Vietnam. Let's see what I found, shall we?

The haul as a whole
Hada Labo Arbutin Lotion
It's a hyaluronic serum/lotion type that reminds me of the famous Hada Sui from Shiseido. Somehow, Hada Labo lotion is a lot cheaper and comes in 2 types: with and without arbutin. The ones with arbutin has 2 different varieties as well: moisturizing and extra moisturizing. All of them are fragrant-free and color-free. My mom is using it since her skin is dry. So far, she likes it.

More stuff ahead. Jump!

PureDerm Red Gingseng Essence Mask
I was very excited to see a variety of facial masks available. Since I used PureDerm Cucumber Collagen mask before from the gift package sent by my friend Sooji, I decided to buy this one to try (still haven't got a chance to use it, though.) It also has the aloe vera version that I am going to buy in the future. No sign of My Beauty Diary masks, though, but they do have some cheaper brands with alcohol in the serum (yikes!)

Teen Care wipes
These are uber cheap and has aloe vera. They are as soft as MAC Wipes and each pack contains 20 wipes. Teen Care wipes do contain fragrance but it's not very cloying. I use it to clean my face when I'm too lazy to use face wash.

Tinkle eyebrow razor
Tinkle eyebrow razors are the ish! Since I threw my last one before I came to VN, I was in need for a replacement package. Luckily, I found one at Saigon Co-op Mart and I had to snag a pack! If you want to have well-groomed eyebrows without pain, get yourself some of these! They are safe to use and you won't have any nicks or cuts at all!

Sunplay Whitening UV sunscreen SPF 50
Finally, I had to find a bottle of physical sunblock. Lucky me, there is a section of sunscreens and after reading the ingredient list, I decided to pick Sunplay since it contains both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. It is very light-weight and doesn't leave a white cast, albeit contain such a high SPF value.

So that was my shopping spree. I am going to review some of these products in the future so stay tuned!

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